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New Delhi (India), July 11: StreamKar as a start-up venture is a product of Common Vision Technologies, Mumbai, and it receives investments from the leading U.S.-based mobile internet company Tipping Points Technology Limited. This app caters to the desi international audience, thus providing live streaming opportunities surpassing geographical barriers.

Live streaming apps help the youth to generate revenue

Be it a global pandemic or a war, such situations adversely impact the employment sector, leaving people in utter uncertainty on how to make ends meet. However, technological advancements have now enabled everyone to earn from the comfort of their homes. The entertainment sector has breathed life into the live streaming industry as one such aspect of employment. StreamKar, the live streaming app, delivers this purpose.

Ways to make money while live streaming

  • Donations or tips from fans can be one of the means to earn an adequate income. When influencers broadcast their talents and it gets appreciated by the audience, the feeling of receiving the first donation or tip is unparalleled. When content creators get a tip from a streamer, they should make sure to give them a shoutout as appreciation. In case the tip comes with a comment, question, or message, then digital creators should prioritise that over others.
  • A regular inflow of income is a sweet deal compared to an occasional tip from the viewers. When influencers consistently stream on a platform, they meet the eligibility requirement and unlock the opportunity of becoming a member who can receive recurring payments on their streams.
  • Joining the right streaming platform can help influencers earn decent ad money. Many live streaming apps have advertising programs, which include pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads, or display and overlay ads. They can optimise the live streaming platform to monetize ads. However, viewers can use ad-blocking software that does not show them ads. As a result, solely depending on ads might not suffice.
  • As influencers grow their online presence, more and more traction gradually converts them into a brand. This is essential to be recognised for partnerships or sponsorships. Influencers can enter into mutually beneficial arrangements with businesses, which include deals that offer fame and fortune.
  • When content creators are climbing the ladder of success, they can feature on hoardings, banners, and other types of media outlets, which can help the youth earn money.
  • People are increasingly turning to live streams about matters that are of great interest to them. If the quality of content that influencers create is relatable and touches a chord with the viewers, then they are bound to subscribe to their live streams. Streamers can make money by selling tickets to develop pay-per-view content.
  • Many streamers can have signature taglines which can become a slogan in itself. Such trademark statements can be popular among the audience. To market one’s brand presence, creating and selling one’s merchandise can help generate exponential revenue. This seed of an idea can grow big if influencers intend to build their own online stores.
  • If a creator is an expert in a particular field, then they can even conduct courses or share their expertise with the viewers at a price. This can either be on a one-on-one session or in a group video stream.
  • Explore the option of affiliate programs. Here, influencers get a special promo code or product links from a sponsor. Once they advertise it on their streams and mention it in a post to tickle everyone’s curiosity, their fanbase is bound to look up the link. Every time someone visits the link and purchases the product, the influencer gets a percentage, that is, a commission of the sale.

The internet has widened the scope of employment opportunities for youngsters. Live streaming apps have become a massive profit tool for young streamers. The only way to monetise this platform is by creating high-quality live streams and being consistent with it. For all the hard work that influencers do, apps like StreamKar can reward them manifold.

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