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New Delhi (India), June 4: The much-awaited online payment application of ZPay Labs Private Limited is almost here! Exclusive sources reveal that the ZPay Labs will be launching its super app, ZPay , on June 7th. “Considering the volatility of cryptos of late, most investors are sceptical of them. ZPay, through its innovative payment ecosystem, aims to offer crypto rewarding solutions to reduce fearlessness associated with ups and downs in cryptos,” said a source. The early access launch will undoubtedly be a spectacle for most crypto enthusiasts.

Cryptocurrency has undoubtedly been a hot investment topic in the past few years. With over 300 million crypto users worldwide, more and more people are interested in investing in crypto. However, the highly volatile digital currency and considerable dip in its value of late have been affecting the decisions of crypto investors worldwide. Understanding the concern of most crypto investors, some new generation crypto ecosystems such as ZPay have been emerging from the dust to their rescue.

ZPay will be an online application, India’s first crypto rewarding platform dedicated to offering transparent and seamless crypto rewarding solutions for UPI Payments. People from all parts of India can earn diversified digital assets or crypto simply by making day-to-day consumer or merchant UPI payments through this application.

The main objective of this soon-to-be-launched platform is to offer its users a hassle-free UPI payment experience and earn crypto rewards. They aim to do so by providing a regulated and secured payment process that ensures the safety of transactions through no breach of data. From an intelligent API system that verifies chain portfolios to helping users learn about numerous projects and products, the application will assist users in understanding the market dynamics of crypto in a much better way.

ZPay will derive a personalized combination of strategies and coin sets using the technical algorithms to ensure optimized investment. The gamified learning and Byte size will enable its users to understand projects to have a good appetite that is comfortable with taking risks. Throughout the journey of its user, it will be dealing with its user’s queries to give astonishing results. It will undoubtedly fulfil the versatile digital asset needs of its associated users.

ZPay will give people a new way to explore, learn, and interact with NFTs, cryptos, etc. New users can sign up for this platform with just a few clicks, enjoy a 100% secure experience, and explore verified and standard NFT tokens and crypto in web3 space.

Besides offering crypto rewards on UPI transactions, the app provides Z-Coins, which users can earn by referring ZPay or simply transacting online. These tokens will enable its users to withdraw funds and redeem amazing deals on the brands they love.

The application will be available for download on the Play Store from June 7th onwards. Upon installing the application, users will be able to make transactions simply by scanning the QR code at any outlet and selecting a UPI payment method such as Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm, or PhonePe.

ZPay seems to be on a quest to profoundly alter people’s daily lives by teaching them how to best engage with web3 or NFT or crypto in the most integrated way.

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