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April 22: Sahil Seth, an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer from the 2011 batch who is currently at the rank of joint commissioner with the CBIC, ministry of finance, Govt. of India has been in the highlights for his commendable work for more than a decade now. In his recent contribution to noble events, Sahil Seth served as the guest of honour at the BRICS Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI)’s Second Annual Summit on the theme of Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by Women Empowerment, which was held in Delhi on April 11. He was also appointed as the Honorary Advisor to BRICS from 2020 to 2023 leading the association of five major national economies including India, China, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa founded in the year 2009.

In a world where sustainability is the aim, there can never be a better option than channelizing the energy and work of women. So, Sahil Seth kept his wide horizon of views that supports women, gender equality and brings light to the world with sustainability. When a woman is empowered, an entire generation is empowered along with her. Thus, it is important to educate, acknowledge and bring more women to light, so that a better world is created. Breaking the bias at work, women share an equal amount of cerebral status with men, bringing better ideas and methods. Additionally, the understanding a woman has of work-life balance is also greater than existing genders. So, parallel sustainable goals should be chartered.

Other than Sahil Seth, several other notable dignitaries like Meenakshi Lekhi, the Hon’ble Minister of Culture, Government of India, HE Mariana Pacheco Montes, the Ambassador of Colombia to India, and Ria A Sital, the Ambassador of the Republic of Suriname to India, NRAA, Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Garima Bhatnagar, Spl.CP Intelligence (Delhi) was present at the summit. Notable dignitaries and professionals from various renowned institutions were also present at this summit.

Sahil Seth has always been known for his enlightening thoughts that have the power to evoke a change. He himself has been working in several organizations to bring a plethora of changes to the society we live in. He also runs his non-profit organisation by the name, “Prasara Care Foundation” (an Indian-based organisation that works for the welfare of poor and orphan children and senior citizens). The organization aims in giving a feeling of home to all the ones seeking shelter there as they are actually away and distanced from their homes. They aim to deliver rights for senior citizens such as Universal Pension, quality Healthcare, action against Elder Abuse, and many more. Prasara Care Foundation also believes in providing effective channels for financial donations, meals, education, clothing, medical help, and community development and work towards self-sufficiency. They also believe in empowering all the ones who are seeking homage in their organization. Thus, they focus on several skill-based training workshops, Volunteer Programs for Children and Senior Citizens, Adoption of Senior Citizens, and Adoption of struggling artists in association with CINTAA amongst many others. Sahil Seth and Prasara organization feels that all of these people would feel included only when they feel self-empowered. So, more such like activities are designed. Some of these include Skill development in orphan kids, planning plantation drive on environment day (5th June), Food distribution drive on weekly basis, and Identifying talent among orphan kids. The organization has also helped many cancer kids and is in the process of helping more.

Followed by his association with BRICS, he got appointed as the Honorary President of the Delphic Council of Maharashtra which was first founded in 1994 as an NGO for promoting art & culture. His active involvement in the art and cultural sphere is also bringing notable changes to this sector. He himself participated and debuted in the film “Bal Naren” which portrayed the fictitious representation of cleanliness education to save people from the consequences of pandemic. This film was widely appreciated for its thought-provoking concept.

Currently, Sahil Seth has become a youth icon who is inspiring generations to be like him with his wide plethora of good work.

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