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New Delhi (India), April 5: ‘A2 App’, now rebranded as ‘Conker App’, Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” A2 has deeply embedded this saying in his work and brought a significant change in how the youth looks at education. A2 has made sure that it is not rote learning that derives people but the zeal to expand one’s horizon and creativity as they wish; the core ideals of CONKER WORLD pvt limited lie in Har Jagah Hai Jal, Seekhle Kaushal. They envision empowering the youth to earn fiscal benefits as there are opportunities in every sphere of life.

Now here comes another step towards the achievement of the goal of extensive and creative education for all, i.e. CONKER World, founded by Arvind Arora (23+ million followers on social media) and Sachin Upadhyay (4+ million followers), offers training based on skills to the individuals who wish to drift from stereotype learning and focus on personal skills. The idea is of a platform that revolves around these skills and makes the students competent for generating monetary benefits through the gig economy by investing a minimum amount to polish their skills.

The Company has triumphantly closed its pre-seed round of $300K from investors who have formed a dynamic relationship with the company and are among the luminary personalities of India.

“We wish to bring a revolution in the skilling space by targeting 90% of the vernacular speaking audience in India, making them self-sustainable, contributing to the gig economy, and making them job-ready. Not every person gets an opportunity to get into the Top tier schools; we need to create micro-entrepreneurs and jobs”, says Arvind Arora, cofounder, who was also part of the chosen few in the creator Inc conference by Yourstory recently.

The android App kickstarted with five lakhs+ app installs in less than three months of the launch. Also, the app was among the top 10 most rated apps offering both accessible and affordable paid programs for the youth and has been rated 4.7 stars out of 5 on the Playstore by more than 52,000 reviewers. A series of skill-based programs are made available for the students to have the exposure and guidance they require.

“We shall tie up with companies and job portals to help our skilled patrons find the relevant jobs after they would have learnt with our free and highly affordable skilling courses. We aim to achieve a minimum of 5 million installs in the next 8-10 months”, says Sachin, Co-founder.

The pre-seed round of CONKER, was led by some of the most extravagant and influential minds of our country, founders, CXOS, and influencers. Some of them were founders like Anand Prakash & Pulkit Jain (Vedantu), Rahul Saria (Nimble Growth), Kamlesh Bhagat & Anand Poste (Jobs Capital), Prashant Choudhary (Click Orchid), Tarun Saini (Vidyakul) and Soveet Gupta ( Udyan Tea).

Influencers & Founders like Ranveer Allahbadia (Beerbiceps), Neha Agrawal from Mathematically Inclined, Mahendra Dogney, motivational speaker, Himanshi Singh (let’s learn) and Viraj Sheth (Monk Entertainment). Along with this, a series of investors who are recognized for their contribution to society became a part of the CONKER WORLD family-like Dinesh Godara, Founder of wifi study & TREAD acquired by Unacademy and Cultfit; Jagdish Ahuja, Founder of Capital Market Academy & Ex-President of Bangalore Stock Exchange, Shubhankar Paul, CEO, Storycult, Bhunesh Sharma, Smile for all Society, and many more.“The power of influencers is immense in a populated and one of the youngest countries like India. Converting this audience into a relevant business revenue model is the key. I see a great opportunity for Ed-tech and Ad-tech playing out with this model. It’s a big data game”, says Rahul Saria, an angel Investor who was also the CFO of Vedantu and Rentomojo in the past.

The company plans to use the funds for product development, content creation, the launch of new courses and strengthening the team.

CONKER World focuses on holistic growth by understanding the demography. Such courses like English, Communication skills, witting, and reading are some of their priority courses and are free of cost as they believe that this is a start towards making Indian youth the most skilful.

The significant advantage of the app is the availability in Vernacular language that connects everyone in their comfort zone. CONKER World has also tied up with NGOs who work for child development to provide free programs for children and assist them as they fly high in the sky to go creative.

The initial growth of the CONKER World is mind-boggling, and the illustrious personalities that are connected to it portray the bright future of the youth. The ideals of CONKER World are to conquer the world by offering the skills and creativity to all those budding artists and youth that are drowned in the river of rote learning. This will be their chance of meeting their knight in shining armour, the skill-based program offered by CONKER World.

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