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Jeet Chandan & Vidhit Mehta of Shortgun

March 30: ‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’ said Peter Drucker and it is this quote that Mumbai-based serial entrepreneur Jeet Chandan lives by. Jeet is the founder of a Startup Investment & Consulting Firm ‘Entremax’ which helps startups to build digital brands and also gives opportunities for venture funding. Apart from these two the other ventures this young entrepreneur has are Bizdateup – a business networking platform, Internkhoj – an intern hiring platform, and Vipani – a paper trading simulator.

Jeet has been working on the final stages of his next venture ‘ShortGun’, with cofounder Vidhit Mehta. ShortGun is a platform that will lay the groundwork for a path to the metaverse. The platform is all set to begin commercial operations from May 2022. Commenting on the occasion Mr. Chandan said “We are excited to present a one-of-a-kind platform that may revolutionize the way users transact with cryptocurrency. Vidhit, me, and the entire team have worked very hard towards it. We would be launching our token, Shortcoin, which will be used to conduct all transactions on our site. The buyer will purchase a low-cost NFT and will be able to access the platform – which will feature various levels of interactive gaming and learning experiences. The more the users play the more tokens they earn. But this is not it – the best part is that these tokens could be redeemed and we will make an announcement soon about the details.”

Ever since Facebook Inc renamed itself to Meta, ‘metaverse’ has become a buzzword across the globe and has caught the fascination of many bigwigs. The world is fast warming up to the idea of a virtual world representing the real world. It is a seamless combination of the physical and the virtual world and uses technologies like artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D imaging, and blockchain among others. “There is no doubt that Metaverse is the future. Early adopters to the technology have already made huge money and are case studies now. We believe education and convenience will bring forward more people to try and use digital currency and assets. It is all about perception. If people get an option to shop for regular stuff like fashion, food, and other consumables they would be more than willing to come forth and be a part of the metaverse. I strongly believe that people will like the varied advantages and offers that we have designed as a platform” said an excited Jeet Chandan as he signed off for the moment.

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