India, March 10: Amrita Mitroo is a passionate author putting her best effort to empower all passionate writers to Write, Publish, and Market their books as authors worldwide within 10 Days. She is the founder of the Amrita Author Summit, an Academy for Author Coaching, where she provides holistic guidance to master the game of authorship. She believes that if a next-door girl like her can become a 5 star rated Author, so can anyone else. She believes that everyone is an author and has a story to share. Writing a book can be a cakewalk if one has confidence in their skills and follows their positive intuition.

In her words, “Everyone is a unique being having unique footprints, so I believe that everyone’s story matters. So go ahead and share your story with the world and bring a smile on someone’s face and someone to change life for good with your story.”

Writing a book is the easiest thing one can ever do in life. She encourages people to write on their terms with respect to their Life Experiences, Life-Long Lessons, Brand Buiding, or their Passion or Skill Set, keeping in mind what the market requires. She advocates authorship as a way to express your genuine emotions. She offers a proven system through her Amrita Author Summit, an academy for Author Coaching that will help creative writers become authors within 10 Days wherein they can Write, Publish or Market their books in 10 Days.

She, along with her team, has combined her book writing guide with an online one-to-one Interactive, Experiential Session to teach you how to create your book cover design, research the concept for your book, write your book, edit your book, format your book, publish your book, and how to market your book on a global scale in just within 10 Days.

As a dedicated mentor, she helps aspiring authors take all their content in the format of a book offering effective guidance from scratch. With her years of specialization as a best-selling author, she also guides to writing a book faster without compromising on the quality of your writing. She works with entrepreneurs, coaches, mentors & homepreneurs who want to publish using her fast-track method.

Along with her team, she has also introduced a special course on writing practical, concise, and fluff-free books. This is a book writing workshop that aims to make the writing of a book effortless without wasting time with unnecessary details. The course focuses on authorship’s essential aspects, increasing your revenue and improving the bottom line. She welcomes all the budding writers who are keen to make a brand in the world of publications-

‘Don’t keep waiting and think I should; take the risk and go ahead with your book-writing journey with me and become an author and gain credibility in your genre!’

Amrita also has another organization named Digital Marketing Solutions, a 360 Degree online Marketing solution that provides a customized holistic solution for various brands. Along with her team, she provides a strategic road map for multiple brands and helps the clients get Relevant Brand Visibility + Relevant Brand Engagement, which results in Relevant Client Conversion.

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