February 2: Hailing from aamchi Mumbai, Aniket Patil, with his outgoing nature has been able to carve a niche for himself as a successful chef and entrepreneur. With a degree in Hotel and Tourism Management from Mumbai University and a specialisation in Cooking and Confectionary from Alagappa University, Tamil Nadu, he has paved his way towards success in the hospitality sector. From working at some of the most reputed hotels to co-founding high-end, chic and luxe nightclub and lounge properties like Bombay Cocktail Bar and Boho in the western suburbs of Mumbai, he has been instrumental in revolutionising the nightlife scene for all ages in the ‘city of dreams.’ Ask anyone about their favourite place to have a good time with great music, ambience, food and drinks and the most common answer would be ‘Bombay Cocktail Bar.’

Friendly, witty and enthusiastic, Aniket displays these qualities in the first impression. But, it definitely doesn’t end here because he is much more than this. His interest in food and cooking was evident while he was still schooling and his choice of career was an acceptance of the flow of life. After working for 7 years at prestigious positions with the crème de la crème of the F&B industry, he realised his calling was something else. That, he had always wanted to become an entrepreneur and spread happiness through the skills he acquired and the language of food and music. In 2009, he then embarked on his journey to fulfill this dream, and the rest is history.

Ask him about his motto in life and he will add, “achcha waqt aata nahi hai, lana padhta hai,” which is precisely what he has been working on since the time he had decided to follow his entrepreneurial instinct. Today, with his hard work, he has been able to build many popular brands and is living a life king size!

Aniket specialises in Continental and Italian cuisines, but the menus at his restaurants also feature some of the most delicious dishes in the Indian repertoire. A proof of his true love for all things food! To him, the amalgamation of different ingredients resulting in something new and beautiful has always been exciting. He does just this with his food and beverage offerings to deliver the highest satisfaction to diners.

Aniket swears by the quality and all his ventures are in line with this. He makes sure to implement strict hygiene and food safety regulations to ensure the ‘best’ experience to his guests and patrons. He also continuously encourages his staff to improve themselves, in turn adding to the success of his business.

Often known as the ‘man with a vision’ in his fraternity, it is surprising for many to know that Aniket is a teetotaller, who likes to keep himself humble and low-key in spite of having achieved so much over the years. A trait that is very unusual and unique, especially in a person related to the glamourous side of the hospitality industry. He has been a part of many humanitarian activities too, the recent being during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aniket plans to expand his business by opening about 40 outlets in the coming future. He is also working on other brand concepts and aims to bring more and more for the people of Mumbai. Besides being a philanthropist and passionate about food, nightlife, developing new recipes, building and scaling his business, he is a globetrotter, tea lover, music and movie buff as well. “This is how I unwind, whenever, if ever, I get time,” he chuckles.


  • 2012 – ‘Budding Chef of the Year’ by the Intercontinental Group of Hotels, India. He was one of the 16 chosen ones to receive this award
  • 2013 – ‘Best Fusion Plate’ award by RECA
  • 2016 – ‘Chef of the Year’ award at the India Business Council and Marriott Group of Hotels, India
  • 2021 – ‘Excellence in Hospitality’ at The Mumbai Achievers Awards
  • Bombay Cocktail Bar has been running successfully for more than 5 years. It has received the ‘Best Lounge’ title for 3 consecutive years at The Mumbai Achievers Awards and the ‘Best Theme Based Gastro-Pub of the Year’at the Indian Restaurant Congress Awards, 2019