Aaron (Ross Markend) and Alden (Cullan McAuliffe) meet in the last episode of the 10th episode. Season of the Walking Dead, to be released later this year, focuses on a mysterious survivor wearing an iron mask and a ninja weapon. In the Sunday sequence, 10 out of 15. The squadron continued to evacuate the Tower, Aaron and Alden evacuated Alexandria when, after the death of Chief Alpha (Samantha Morton), they were besieged by a herd of vagrants led by Beta (Ryan Hirst) to destroy allied communities. When the herd changed direction and found their way to the abandoned hospital tower where the evacuees were hiding, Aaron and Alden were captured by the Shepchun – but the real threat could be a man in an iron mask.

We will see more new characters this season, and we will see more epic clashes with the Survivors and Whispers, director Angela Kang told Entertainment Weekly about an undated episode that involves the return of Maggie (Lauren Cohan). And we’ll see that Maggie… We’re going to find out what happened to him and what it means to our group. And our people are clearly facing the Shepchun horde on the road. We’ll see how Beta fulfils her role as a whisperer with a hellish fondness for revenge.

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Judith Grimes (Kaylie Fleming) is still on the secret mission of Mother Michonne (Danae Gurira) after following the trail of the missing Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). There is still the issue of personal issues to be resolved between Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), Lida (Cassidy McClancy), Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reidus).

Not long ago Michonne told me I was leaving to try to find your father, and she obviously hasn’t come back. Let’s see how Judith deals with this. There’s Daryl and Negan and Lydia and Carol and all with different groups, Kang said. And we will see more of the man in the iron mask with the weapons coming to Alden and Aaron, what we will see in the secret peaks and all that. I think it’s a really cool episode. Greg Nicotero did an exceptionally good job with the staging. Actors become beautiful performances. The writers have done incredibly well and the film crew has done remarkably well. I think it’s gonna be a really fun episode.

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