Not so long ago it was seen by many, especially young people, as a useless piece of junk hanging on the wall. But today, thanks to smart features such as support for streaming application content in new models, TVs are again the favorite of most households. Next-generation smart TVs, available in all shapes and sizes, are intuitive, flexible and fun. While most smart TVs offer similar features, some are not unmatched. VU Premium Android TV is the latest.

Android-based Vu Premium TVs are available in screen sizes of 43, 50 and 55 inches. The 55-inch model we examined was valued at 31,999 rupees. At this price it is one of the most affordable 55-inch smart TVs currently available in India. Its size also makes it a well-built TV – it doesn’t have big glasses around the screen or too many speakers in the back. The TV’s slim profile allows easy wall mounting without losing a lot of space in the room. However, access to the connections is difficult once the TV is mounted on the wall. This allows all accessories to be connected prior to installation. It can also be placed on a work surface to make work easier. However, you will need a wide table, because the legs are attached to the ends of the TV at the bottom.

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VU Premium Android TV

VU Premium Android TV is easy to set up and there are two ways to do it: from your smartphone or directly from your TV. Using a smartphone shortens setup time if you have a Google Account, because your TV synchronizes your account data. You must approve the application by entering the code that appears on your smartphone. If you decide to continue the installation process without using a smartphone, the installation process will take a little longer.

Like Android TV, TV Android Boots TV 9 Pie. There is no user skin, and you get an Android launcher where most applications and their main content are visible on the home screen. There is a Play Store for TV where you can download applications when you need them. The TV is pre-installed with a.o. Amazon Prime Video, Neflix and Disney + Hotstar applications. There is also a built-in chrome streaming function, a common feature on Android TVs that makes it possible to stream content from supported mobile phones, tablets or PCs to the TV screen.

VU Premium Android TV

VU Premium Android TV (55) – one of the most affordable smart TVs with support for Dolby Vision, next to HDR10 and HLG There is no shortage of compatible content, because super platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video now offer a good library of 4K content with support for Dolby Vision. The television has a nominal brightness of 400 nit, which is sufficient to play HDR10 or Dolby Vision content. However, the OSD shows almost no deep black colors, which influence the dynamic range due to the limited contrast fluctuations. Interestingly, the display seems to have a better algorithm for HDR 1080p (fullHD) content than for HDR 4K (ultra HD). However, content with the standard dynamic range (SDR) does not show such deviations and is displayed in both full resolution and ultra-high resolution. A television screen would be perfect if it had some sort of interpolation technology to increase the frame rate of the content.

VU Premium Android TV

Finishes the screen with an adjustable 30W Dolby stereo speaker – two 15W lower speakers each Despite the volume and clarity of the sound, the speakers don’t seem powerful enough to deliver an experience equal to the majestic content on screen. An additional sound panel ensures a balanced relationship between visibility and acoustics.

For navigation on your Android VU Premium TV, a Bluetooth remote control is included. The remote control is also equipped with an infrared sensor, which is needed to turn the TV on and off. A Google Voice Command Wizard is built into your TV. The remote control has a special microphone to record voice commands without any interference. The remote control has hotkeys for Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Hotstar and Google Play, as well as all the keys needed to control the TV, including volume and channel keys.


VU Premium Android TV (55PM) is an affordable smart TV with features mainly from high-end TVs. It is not so good in terms of screen and sound performance, but not so good that it disturbs the overall impression. The TV’s ability to play Ultra-HD HDR content and the support of almost all popular OTT applications make it a good choice among the available 4K smart TVs. Remember that the design of premium television, and perhaps there is no other television in its segment that is so beautiful.

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