On Tuesday, India witnessed a moonlit night when Superman enchanted all those who remained isolated in the midst of a coronavirus epidemic. Many Bollywood celebrities sank into the moonlight and exchanged exciting images of one of the largest and brightest moons of the year on social networks.

Vicki Kaushal shared a fascinating image of the Mumbai skyline when the big moon shone on the skyscrapers. He wrote: Tonight’s view. # Superman. # However, his brother Sunny Kauschal, who never misses an opportunity to make a joke with his brother, remarked that Wow! Ek Chand ne doosre Chand ki photo kheechi hai.

Anania Pandey also shared a picture of the moon and wrote In my defense: There was a full moon, and I was left unattended.

Parineti Chopra and Anania Pandey exchange photos about Superman.

Parineti Chopra presented a similar image in her Instagram stories. She wrote when she published a picture of the night sky and the moon: What’s going on?

The critical camera showed an image of the moon late at night when the clouds began to take over. She wrote: Don’t forget to look at the moon tonight! #SuperMoon #SuperPinkMoon.

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There are several variations of the Hindu lunar calendar, but for many this full moon corresponds to the festival of Hanuman Jayanti, which celebrates the birth of Lord Hanuman.

Earlier, in response to a 9-minute call from Prime Minister Narendra Modi at 9 p.m. as part of a 21-day blockade, the Bollywood stars had shared their views with the balconies while turning on oil lamps. Everyone – from Akshai Kumar, Aishwarya Rai, Amitabha Bachchan to Taapse Pannu – lit candles or kerosene lamps to show their solidarity with Prime Minister Modi.