When the subject of the treasure hunt comes up, the famous character of Long John Silver comes to mind. He was a pirate, and Robert Louis Stevenson immortalized him in his novel Treasure Island. It became a movie in 1950. The history of today’s treasure hunt is unique. In this case it was the idea of Forrest Fenn, a famous collector of art and antiques. He wanted to get the people around him off the beaten track and into the desert. He wanted them to appreciate the richness of nature, and its appeal was tempting. It was a treasury worth about a million dollars.

He hid them in the desert of the Rocky Mountains in 2010. That was ten years ago. The box contained rare gold coins, gold nuggets and various attractive items. His intention was to ignite a fire of adventure and expeditions in people’s homes. He made two trips to move and hide objects because the chest weighed about 20 pounds and the contents another 22 pounds. It was something he had to do to keep a secret.

FOUND A HIDDEN TREASURE: Ten years ago, a millionaire hid a million dollars worth of coins and jewelry in the Rocky Mountains and left clues to treasure hunters in a poem. They finally found it on

– ABC7 News (@ABC7) 7. June 2020.

In order to arouse interest in this treasure hunt, Forrest Fenn (89) gave directions to help the hunters, according to the director.

Education is an integral part of such an activity. In this case they took the form of a short poem that was part of his autobiography, The Trembling of Persecution. He told the media that it was only a few days ago that the treasure hunter finally managed to put his hands on his chest. It is clear that there are still curious people today who manage to carry out seemingly impossible missions.

The treasure hunter wants to remain incognito

CNN adds that Forrest Fenn said he was lucky to come all the way from the East and send him pictures of the treasury. This is proof that ten years ago he really got his hands on a million-dollar treasure in the Rocky Mountain desert.

The only clue to the location of the chest was a 24-line poem. It has attracted attention and hunters have travelled long distances from different parts of America to find it. The man who finally landed was able to follow the directions.

Forrest Fenn thanks all treasure seekers

CNN reports that, according to media reports, hundreds and thousands of people from all over the world have gone into the mountains in search of treasure. This is an offer that many of them wanted to make use of because they rarely have to deal with this possibility on a daily basis. Some gave up their jobs to pursue their dreams, others spent their lives searching for savings, and some lost their lives.

There have been fraud cases and lawsuits. Finally, Forest Fenn, an antique collector from Santa Fe, can probably express a sigh of relief because someone had the patience to bring the case to a logical conclusion. Fenn sent a message via his website to those who had made this attempt. It’s reading: I congratulate the thousands of people who participated in the research and I hope they will remain fascinated by the promise of further discoveries.

Each treasure hunt is fascinating

Both children and adults are fascinated by the treasure hunt. Most birthday parties are incomplete without this game, and children’s joy knows no bounds when they find the treasure. Adults love to watch films like The National Treasure (2007) by Nicholas Cage.

In March 2019, Disney CEO Bob Iger gave instructions for a possible continuation of the National Treasury. There are also other films related to the treasure hunt, such as Treasure Island (1950), McKenna’s Gold (1969) and King Solomon’s Mines (1985). In fact, Treasure Island in the Bay of San Francisco should become a center for cultural tourism.

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