Actor Thomas Lennon becomes Joe Exotic of Tiger King Netflix with a funny new experience. Many would like to have the opportunity to play the exotic by adapting the popular Netflix mass production. But the Reno 911 Star may have just sealed the deal with its impressions. Lennon took part in an interview with Stephen Colbert to talk about his vision of the Tiger King, and that’s what everyone should see. Colbert interviews Exotica from prison and spends most of his time not laughing, as Lennon constantly tears his head off and calls Colbert a different name every time.

Tiger King has become a worldwide phenomenon and Joe Exotic is enjoying a new celebrity, even in prison. He said he wanted Brad Pitt or David Spade to play with him in the adaptation of the documentary series Netflix, but he had not yet seen the impression of Thomas Lennon. I’m actually very sober, with a gun wrapper, a double man with mules, a lot of joie de vivre and a love for American cigarettes, Lennon says in an interview like an exotic.

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Joe Exotic may not like the impression Thomas Lennon has of him, because he is so painfully real and accurate. When Stephen Colbert asks an exotic fake question about Tiger King, he announces that some of them are painting me to make me look crazier as a fried chicken monster than the Brown Encyclopedia Center. When asked what it was like in prison, Lennon came out and wasn’t afraid of details like Joe Exotic. That’s what he should have said.

…but let me tell you something, sir: Don’t whistle in my soup and don’t call it a blowjob, Chris Meloney! Because I told Fry Sun Moons so many times that it was going to rain a lot and that it was going to be purple. It’s purple rain, so he gets the prince and those purple people will eat. And if you want to know more about the people who eat, ask Carol Baskin!

Thomas Lennon also wanted to show the musical side of Netflix’ breakthrough, Joe Exotica, who is widely represented in The Tiger King. He started with an original song called A Liger Ate My Shoes. This is where Stephen Colbert’s interview is likely to lose him and laugh at Lennon’s amazing impression. A lot of people want to play Exotica, but they’ll have to wait in line for Lennon to prove they’re worthy.

Joe Exotic was sentenced to 22 years in prison, so he’ll stay there for a while. Meanwhile, producers Eric Hood and Rebecca Chaiklinpp of the King of the Tiger say they have a lot of crazy, untapped footage for a possible second season. You also said there’s a bigger story coming up, especially with regard to Carol Baskin and Jeff Law. Thomas Lennon’s impression of Joe Exotic can be seen below via Stephen Colbert’s YouTube channel Late Show.

The stakes: Tiger King, Netflix, Stream.

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