Among the many old shows that return from the bombings on national television is the circus in which Shah Rukh Khan played the leading role. The show, popular in the early nineties, was presented by a circus company.

One of the protagonists, actress Renuka Shahane, who played the role of Maria, seems delighted when asked how she reacted when she discovered that the circus was overcrowded.

The actor in the circus

The new start as a television program also took place two years ago, and even then a lot happened. As there will be no new content on another channel this time, there is less competition and more people are attracted by what is broadcast on DD. The Ramayan has had such a great influence on people’s minds, and if you look at it today, it has sparked people’s interest in other programs they loved to watch as children. This time he’s got his eyes on the blockade. I was very happy with the decision to move to the circus, said the 55-year-old.

What she says also adds to the appeal of the old show, Shahana shares: A show like Cirque is not possible at the moment. Circuses don’t really work anymore, and you don’t see animals in circuses anymore. This is part of our history, and we’ll never see it again.

Then she adds: Not only the set, but also the stories that were told were more realistic, such as Bömkesh Bakshi, Sriman Shrimati, who were a good mix of comedy and drama.

The Shahans are happy that these shows are now also performed by young people.

The young people saw it with their parents, and there was a lot of reaction in the social networks. Shah Rukh is still a star for the next five generations. Many people have missed the show before, I am glad that my role and the show were appreciated, signed with a note of nostalgia.