A motivational viral article on the impact of the coronavirus epidemic on the economy is wrongly attributed to the industrialist Ratan Tata. Many have shared this false message, and now aunt herself has denied its pronunciation or spelling.

In the message, which also represents the deed and implies that it was written by him, experts predict a huge economic downturn due to the crown. I don’t know much about these specialists. But I’m sure they know nothing of the value of human motivation and determined effort.

The paper mentions a number of positive results over the years, including the 83rd Annual Report of the European Commission. India’s victory in the World Cup and Arunima Singh’s victory over Everest.

Here’s a message on Twitter:

The message is wrongly attributed to Ratan Auntie.

About two hours ago, Ratan Tata came on his official Twitter to denounce a false statement. In his contribution he explained that he had not said or written a word. He also added that if he had to make a statement, this would be done through his official social media pens.

This contribution has not been spoken or written by me. I encourage you to view the media available on WhatsApp and social platforms, he wrote, and he shares the image of the message. He added that he hoped that people would be safe and take care of themselves.

This contribution has not been spoken or written by me. I recommend that you check the available media on WhatsApp and social platforms. If I have something to say, I’ll say it through official channels. I hope you’re safe and sound and that you take care of yourself. Picture.twitter.com/RNVL40aRTB

– Ratan N. Tata (@RNTata2000) 11. April 2020.

He shared the same message as his story with Instagram and encouraged people to check their messages before going online.

Screen Tomb of the Story of Ratan Tata Inst.

Screenshot of the story of Insta told by Ratan Tata.

The article was also published on the blog, but without any attribution to Tata or anyone else.

Tata’s message on Twitter provoked a wave of reactions and people had something to say. Students from WhatsApp University are working on a project! joked the Twitter user. Thank you for the explanation, sir. Thank you to the other one. Many people use your name to express their own thoughts, twittered by someone else. I’ve seen how many people posting this as their WhatsApp status give them this tweet, a third party wrote.

So it is clear that Ratan Tata did not write this message, and his name is wrongly attributed to him.

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