Las Vegas’ newest cornerback, Damon Arnett.

Everyone knew that in order to compete in the 2020 NFL Entry Draft, the Las Vegas Raiders needed help around the corner. The team could have walked many paths, but they decided to surprise the world and get Damon Arnett out of Ohio. He was a productive starter for Buckeyes, but in most cases he was called in in the second or third round. The Raiders clearly didn’t think so, and General Manager Mike Mayok said the team didn’t even try to do anything in return and later take over Arnett.

Nevertheless, the Raiders were able to satisfy one of their greatest needs. Although they are not all completely sold out on the road, Hall of Fame receiver Tim Brown sent a strong message to a newcomer.

@damon_arnette @raiders last choice of 1. Round, born in Dallas, trained Raiders, did well! Lol! No pressure! Welcome to the dark side! Hit me if you want a tip for J.G.! Have fun. Have a good trip!

– Tim Brown (@81TimBrown) 27. April 2020.

Like Brown said, he and Arnett are both from Dallas, Texas. The last time the Raiders received a Dallas-born player in the first round, he became one of the most productive recipients in the history of the NFL. Arnett seems more than willing to try to justify the name Brown.

Viking Archery for Arnett

While it’s not difficult to say that the Raiders came to Arnett in the first round because media experts thought so, it’s not clear how the other NFL teams treated the area. Maybe the other teams were planning to beat Arnett at some point in the first round. We don’t know if the Minnesota Vikings were one of the teams that would have taken it before, but according to Courtney Cronin, they loved it there.

Damon Arnett, 19 years old, feels at home. Several sources told me that the Vikingcars loved it, but it was widely regarded as a corner with a two-day course.

– Courtney Cronin (@CourtneyRCronin) 24. April 2020.

Minnesota finally chose three seats after Raiders and got a wide receiver. They probably wouldn’t have taken Arnett with that brick, but there was no other brick in Vegas. They could have missed him if they hadn’t caught him in the first round.

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Arnett is 40 times faster than his.

The biggest blow for Arnett is that his 40 meters at 4.56 are not very impressive. Together with the fact that he will be 24 years old at the beginning of the season, and that he is not very tall, it is not difficult to understand why his preparation for the first round is a cause for concern. However, it can be 40 times misleading. According to the NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter, Arnett is faster than we thought.

It has a better playing speed than the combination, said Carter of Arnett. He was involved in some things. He’s had problems with his hamstrings and his back and I think he’s running much faster than that combined time.

If he’s really faster than his grades show, Raders has nothing to worry about. Arnett’s tape speaks for itself. He’s a very aggressive player and he stumbles. He’s exactly what you’d expect from cornerback Raders. The combination with Jonathan Abram and Amic Robertson in the defensive backfield made the team even crazier for a few days. What also works for Arnett is that he has a lot of experience. He may not have the tip of some other beginners in the area, he should be ready to see what happens on Sunday, and the first day can begin.

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