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Published : 14. April 2020 at 12:38:22.

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These Kindle recommendations are excellent for your child to spend time in abundance. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

The best thing you can do now is give your child a book to read. Whether in physical or electronic form, books are a great way to spend time in an ingenious way. If you’re wondering how to keep your child occupied – now that the retention period has been extended – here are some Kindle recommendations from the top publishers in the country.


The publisher recommends that children over the age of eight read the famous collection of five books, which is a fantastic introduction to Enid Blyton’s classic adventure series. Other similar books in the same age category are Harry Potter and the Damned Child, The Backyard Boy (a children’s perspective on the refugee crisis with an emphasis on friendship and kindness), Enid Blyton’s The Secret Seven Collection 2, Malory Towers: New lesson on Malory Towers, Yang Pandawas: The city of elephants, tiger hearts and more.

For children 10 years and older, Hachette India commands Gita for children, Vedas and Upanishads for children, Temple Tales (an enchanting book that opens the door to secrets and surprises hidden in temples all over the country).

For the junior game (five years old) Hachette Horrid recommends the games Henry Tricks and Treats and Oi Cat!

Is your kid a Disney fan, too? They can now follow these drawing courses online.

Harper Collins

If your child is six years of age or older, Harper Collins recommends that you read Gopi’s diaries: Back to Sudha Murty on the Kindle. Gopi’s Diaries is a series of three books about a dog named Gopi. Told by Gopi’s voice, the first book, Return to Home, begins with a journey through Gopi’s new home and tells how he gets along with his human and loving family.

Children aged 11 and over can read Budji, Bridge and Big Gin with Ranjit Lal. The Grozny team, 14-year-old Budgie, Bridge, a tough teenager with a rocky past, and Big Jinn, a wild German shepherd and Tibetan mastiff, have decided to play in a band of sneaky tarantulas. Faced with a life-threatening situation, they have to dig deep to find the courage and tenacity to overcome it. This fascinating adventure story also includes the dangers of environmental destruction.

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publishers like Hachette India, Penguin and Harper Collins recommend their best reading food! (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

Twelve-year-olds can read what Maya saw: The story of the shadows, the mysteries, Klaus Shabnama Minvalla. The story goes like this: Almost from the time Maya went to St. Mary’s College… Paul, she got scared. Everywhere she goes, she is confronted with questions and secrets. Not to mention The Shadows – a bunch of stylish, water addicted students who, she understands, will do anything to preserve their youth and beauty. Even kill. Maya doesn’t want to be part of this dark adventure. But a teenager soon realizes that he has no other choice. She is the only one who can unravel the trail of evidence that the priest has been leaving behind for a long time.

Penguin house

If your child is a beginner, it can browse picture books such as Devangana Dash Jungle Radio and Dark Tanu Sri Singh. Young readers can read Mukesh Begins the Zoo in Ruskin Bond, Fun in Devlock Devdut Pattayaik and Hey, Diddle Anushki Ravishankara.

||Is your kid obsessed with Harry Potter? That’s how we keep them sharp.

College students who want to make good art novels can read Raskin Bond’s Roof Room, a curious case of Nandini Nayyar, Akbar and Birbala’s Sweet and Spicy Sweets Shop : Stories about the spirit and wisdom of, among others, Amita Sarin. For lovers of mythology, the penguin recommends the Sudhi Murti Egg-Man and the Mahabharata Puffy Namita Gohale. The non-artistic recommendations included 31 Fantastic Adventures in Science by Nandita Jayaraj and Asima Freudog, My India: Ideas for the Future (APJ Abdul Kalam), The Incredible Geographical History of India (Sanjeev Sanyal), From Leeches to Snails (Roopa Pai), Journey to the Forbidden City (Deepa Agarwal), Fearless: Amneh Sheikh Farouki’s stories about extraordinary Pakistani women are just a few of them.

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