Be honest: how much money have you spent on new razors, blades and shaving cream? And how often do you get annoyed about having to shave all the time? How about if you could use the laser to permanently remove your hair instead? This will save you time and money in the long run and at the same time protect your nerves!

Here we explain how  laser hair removal  works and what advantages it offers.

Pain-free hair removal with the laser – for permanently smooth skin

Whether on the face, on the legs, on the back, the bikini line or other parts of the body – unwanted or excessive hair growth is a daily problem for many women and men. Again and again we try to remove our hair with conventional methods such as plucking, epilation or wax. In addition, the constant shaving and UV radiation from sunlight lead to hyperpigmentation (in the form of round brown dots) on the legs. It would be so much easier: thanks to painless laser hair removal, you can say goodbye to annoying hair after just a few sessions and look forward to permanently smooth skin. This is made possible by the Vectus ™ diode laser, which we use exclusively for  permanent laser hair removal  in Siegen.

Very often we see that hair removal is also offered with the IPL flash lamp ( IPL = Intensed Pulsed Light ). This supposedly cheaper method is less effective, however, as the laser injects significantly higher energy into the cell structure in order to cauterize the hair papilla. As a result, laser treatment with the Vectus usually only requires five to six treatments. With the IPL flash lamp it is usually 14 sessions and more.

So do not be fooled by the apparently cheaper individual treatment of IPL hair removal. In the end, more sessions will be necessary and higher costs will arise than with the gentle hair removal with the laser. With the painless method with our Vectus ™ diode laser, you only need a few sessions to achieve permanent hair removal.

We will be happy to provide you with further information in a personal consultation or in the section “The difference between laser treatment and treatment with an IPL flash lamp.”

We count both women and men among our customers. For male customers, the main focus is on removing hair on the chest and back. Women, on the other hand, very often want a painless and permanent hair removal of the upper lip, legs, arms as well as the bikini line and the genital area. Of course, we also treat other areas such as the chin, neck and stomach. If the position you are looking for is not listed here, speak to us personally and we will find a solution for you.

We are also happy to treat transsexual people as part of their gender reassignment. Please note that we cannot bill the health insurance company.

The cost of hair removal may vary. a. according to which areas of the body should be treated, what hair color you have and how strong your hair is. We would be happy to make you an individual offer including a cost and treatment plan as well as attractive discounts of up to 20%.

How does laser hair removal work?

The entire treatment is subject to the medical supervision of our dermatologist and medical director Dr. David . Before the first treatment, she will conduct a medical consultation with you and explain all the important treatment steps.

The affected area is shaved before the laser treatment. The laser energy from the Vectus ™ diode laser is then transferred to your skin. The cell structure in and around the hair roots is heated and destroyed. The surrounding tissue, however, is spared. Then, over the next few days, your hair will simply fall out.


How many laser treatments are necessary for permanent hair removal?


Since only hairs in the growth phase can be treated, but not all hairs are in the growth phase at the same time, several hair removal treatments are necessary. The number of treatments depends on the intensity of hair growth, hair color, hair density and the area of ​​the body. On average, around five to six laser treatments are necessary, in rare cases up to eight. Light and rather thin hair (fluff) requires more treatments than dark and thick hair.

Hair removal on smaller areas of the skin usually only takes a few minutes, with larger areas you should plan up to 60 minutes per session.


What does permanent hair removal with the laser cost?


The cost of laser hair removal may vary. a. according to which areas of the body should be treated, what hair color you have and how strong your hair is. An exemplary overview of our costs can be found in the following table. We would also be happy to make you an individual offer including a cost and treatment plan as well as attractive discounts of up to 20%.

Body part Cost / session
Small areas on the face 80 euro
Both armpits 120 euros
Both lower legs 250 euro
move from 300 euros

Get your individual offer for hair removal with the laser now!

Is laser hair removal painful?

The laser impulses emitted are felt like small needle pricks and most customers can tolerate them without any problems.

What are the side effects of laser hair removal?

Slight reddening or local swelling may appear on the treated areas. These irritations usually go away within a few hours.

What do I have to consider before and after a laser treatment

Four weeks before and after the treatment you should absolutely avoid going to the solarium and sun exposure. You should also neither pluck your hair during this time, nor remove it with wax or depilatory creams.

Hair removal with the diode laser – safe and successful

Studies over several years have proven the permanent effect of professional hair removal using laser technology: If a hair papilla is destroyed by laser light, it can no longer form new hair.

The key to laser hair removal is melanin, the substance that gives hair color. The more melanin the hair contains, the darker it is. As a result, its ability to absorb the laser light is also higher and the hair follicle can be completely destroyed. Therefore, dark hair is easier to remove than light hair.

Thanks to the precise adjustment to your hair and skin type, we can also remove less pigmented hair with our laser. The only exception: if the hair is completely white (i.e. without any dye), hair removal is not possible.