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Published : 8. April 2020 9:47:55

Outdoor sports are forbidden in Paris, France, 19 sports are forbidden and coronavirus

is forbidden in France. (Reuters)

Victor Mather

Like many cities, Paris lost part of its magic during the coronavirus blockades, with cafes, theatres and shops closed.

And now you can’t even walk there for most of the day. All outdoor sports, including running, are prohibited from 10.00 to 19.00 hours. Officials hope that they will reduce social interaction by encouraging people to train at less busy hours.

Mayor Anna Hidalgo told Francinfo that she didn’t want to forbid jogging to be restricted to times when there are fewer people on the streets. She moved on: During the day you have people going shopping – and that’s normal because you have to eat – and you have people going to work.

In France, even cycling has stopped, but professionals ask to be refused because they claim that their livelihood is at stake.

Even though for some cyclists it is not an important profession for running the company, the fact remains that we are employees, according to Pascal Schanter, President of the National Union of Professional Cyclists. The Minister of Labour has said that we have to go back to work if we cannot telework. And we couldn’t go on? We want to be able to do our job like other employees.

France has been particularly affected by the virus. After 8,000 deaths, the Minister of Health said Tuesday that the situation was still deteriorating.

Welcome to… The island of sport

In Australia, the National Rugby League could only play two games before the virus stopped the sport. But the competition is considering an innovative way to restart the season.

She plans to gather the entire league – teams, players and officials – and send them to a station, perhaps on Moreton Island, off the coast of Brisbane. You will be able to play at a safe distance from the rest of the country.

We can accommodate about 1,500 people, says David James, director of the Tangaluma Island Resort in Moreton. We can isolate this place. We can lock him up.

The plan follows the pattern of the Big 3, the 3-on-3 American Basketball League, which play their games in the quarantine zone. This league plans to go even further, so that the players live together in the house for a reality show in the style of Big Brother.

And speaking of the islands, Dana White, the president of the last championship, said his organization may soon have a battle map on one of the islands.

I’m two days away from keeping an island private, he told TMZ. Now we’re building the infrastructure. According to him, the fighting there will mainly involve international fighters who will not be able to enter the United States.

According to him, there will be no supporters and measures will be taken to ensure the health of fighters, judges and producers.

White said he’s still not ready to give up the location of 249. U.S. Ship, scheduled for the 18th of April should be revealing.


Golf, darts and table tennis

There’s a golf tournament in the United States.

Scottsdale, Arizona is hosting what can justifiably be called an outlaw tour this week, a small league tour where golf courses are being opened after being considered important to the company.

In the largely American and little known area is Alex Seika, a German who won the PGA Tour in 2015.

Players keep a distance from each other and nobody touches the flags or rakes.

In Europe, some darts players have found an innovative way to compete at home. In the Icon Darts league players, including former world champion Raymond van Barneveld, throw darts at home on the playing boards and shoot with a webcam.

This event can be viewed and broadcast on gambling sites. This brings us to the reason why many of these sports still cling to their own character: the desire to gamble.

In addition to darts and outlaw golf, on Tuesday the Ladbrokes betting office was happy to raise money for table tennis from Russia, Ukraine and the Czech Republic (please stay on your side of the table) and a kind of 3×3 kung fu tournament for men’s volleyball, where the favorites seemed to be Malaysia and Indonesia.

And Tajik football. Wait, is the Tajik football league in action? This could be interesting. No, it doesn’t matter. Ladbrokers actually perform for Tajikistan in the competition until the age of 21. It’s come to this.

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