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Published : 15. April 2020. 4:49:44

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Most states have done the same, the Prime Minister had no choice but to extend the blockade. This is no surprise at all, according to Subrata Mukherjee, chairman of the PMC. He said Bengal was comparatively better off than other states.

On Tuesday, the Trinamol Congress, Congress and the CPMR criticized Prime Minister Narendra Maudie’s appeal to the nation and said it was nothing new because people knew that the over-25s would be the first to have a chance to participate in the debate. It was argued that the national blockade imposed in March to contain the new coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) would be extended.

Modes has announced that the lockdown will take place until 3 pm. May remains in force. In his reply, Subrata Mukherjee, the leader of the CUP and foreign minister, said that Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee had already announced the extension of the state blockade.

Banerjee announced that the blockade in Bengal would be lifted within 30 days. The month of April remains in force, Mukherjee said. Because most states did the same, the Prime Minister had no choice but to extend the blockade. That’s no surprise. He said Bengal was comparatively better off than other states.

In terms of numbers, we’re in a better situation, he added. The number of people affected was lower and the number of deaths from VIDOC-19 was also lower.

PCRM leader Tanmoy Bhattacharya criticized Maudie for not addressing the plight of migrant workers. The lives of migrant workers are blocked all over the country, he said. In Kerala, these workers are supported by the state government. In the rest of the country, on the other hand, they were left alone. Maudie didn’t say anything about how these workers would return home, and if they didn’t, how they would survive the whole curfew.

He went on to say: They have a right to know what the central government does for them.

Lok Sabha congressman Adhir Chowdhury for not announcing a financial package to Maudie Almost a month has passed since the start of the blockade, but no financial package or support from the Prime Minister has been announced, he added. In his presentation, certain measures to combat rising unemployment and ensure the safety of medical staff were not included.

He also accused the centre of wasting valuable time in January and February on spreading the pandemic. If he had taken precautions sooner, the situation wouldn’t have gotten so bad, he told the ITP.

He also called on the Prime Minister to recognise the states’ efforts to fight the pandemic rather than pat them on the back, and said the strength of cooperative federalism had been demonstrated during the crisis.

However, it recognised that India was in a much better position than many other developed countries. However, much remains to be done to ensure that the public distribution system works properly and that every person in need gets a grain of food, Chowdhury said.

Meanwhile, Medinipur MP and BJP President Dilip Ghosh have again accused Mamata Banerjee’s government of covering up the facts about the pandemic. The state government is hiding facts about the coronavirus situation in West Bengal, Gosh said. While 152 people are infected here according to the centre, 110 people have a positive KOVID-19 value according to the state government.

He added that the public hospitals are closed because the doctors are infected with the virus. The centre sends out kits, but they’re not used by the state government, Gosh. In these circumstances, the blocking must be strictly respected and no dilution must take place.

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