It has been a great week for adult swimming fans, because not only did an unexpected samurai make his debut in an anime action movie with Rick and Morty in Toonami’s latest post, but now everything is ready for April Fools’ Day. While many people around the world prefer the event to be cancelled because of the various terrible things happening around them, Adult Swim is aware of his habit of planning fun exchanges for a big day.

Among them, an incredible number of guards with the master of Post Malone’s melody and, more importantly, another scene from the Primal Gennady Tartokowski.

The end of the season of the main episodes of the scheme has put Speer and Fang in a very worrying situation, whose fate is unclear after a realistic battle with the primate family, who previously had extraterrestrial means to expand their power. Perhaps the best quality is not only the movement, but also the extra image of their characters from top to bottom in an arrangement that knows no discussion! If you haven’t had the opportunity to see Primal yet, we recommend a visit!

The first five episodes of the scheme started a year ago and ended in a depressing way, so there was no sign of this heavily loaded energy scheme anymore. Anyway, with this 6. scene broadcast at the time of this composition, the experiment continues with the spear and the catch, which take over the pollution of the zombie dinosaurs.

In prehistoric times, the show follows a caveman, a powerful hunter at the beginning of evolution, and a female tyrannosaurus on the brink of extinction, united by tragedy in an unlikely partnership in the struggle for the survival of cruel creatures who also live in the prehistoric world.

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