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Amit Shah is visiting the PNDP, the recovered person said a health certificate

Amit House Shah should receive during a visit to the PNDP hospital in New Delhi on Monday. ITP.

On Monday, EU Minister of the Interior Amit Shah paid a surprise visit to Delhi’s largest specialised institution, Covid-19, and made proposals such as increasing the number of tests in the institution, simplifying the admission procedure, installing surveillance cameras in each department and issuing health certificates at the exit.

M. Shah went to Loc Nayak Hospital at about 4 p.m. the day after his meeting with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Cageriwal to discuss the Covida 19 crisis in the capital, and a few hours after a detailed meeting with representatives from the PAA, BJP and Congress in Delhi.

The Shah in Lok Nayak was accompanied by the director of the AIIMS, Dr. Randep Gularia, who had been commissioned by the Centre to assess the capital’s health infrastructure.

The hospital with 2,000 beds in the center of Delhi was the first to be converted into a hospital in Covida alone and currently has 763 patients. During his 45-minute visit, Shah spoke with doctors, nurses and other medical staff at the hospital.

He applauded our doctors and nurses for their excellent work. The morale of all health workers is high after his visit. He made several suggestions to make the hospital stay painless and ensure that all patients are discharged on time, Medical Director Dr. Suresh Kumar said.

He also suggested that every patient should receive a certificate of good health after his discharge. All proposals are extremely positive and we will certainly implement them in the coming days, Dr. Kumar added.

It was the first visit of the Shah to the hospital in Delhi since the Covida-19 epidemic. In the coming days, three teams designated by the Centre will visit all public hospitals to take stock of the situation.

Sources reported that the Chief Secretary in Delhi, who accompanied the Shah, was informed shortly before the visit began. In the last three days the Shah has had several meetings with the political and administrative departments of the city, which shows that the centre tends to become more involved in the capital’s response to Kovid.

The Centre stressed that, in view of the increasing number of cases, it wanted to be involved in the day-to-day decision-making process. Delhi is the capital of the country and if the situation develops here, it will also make headlines abroad. The Government of Delhi has pledged its full support to the Centre, given the pace of proliferation and the speed with which the facilities need to be prepared, according to a Delhi official.

Dr. Kumar informed the Shah that the hospital dialysed 1,040 patients and that more than 100 births also took place during the pandemic.

The Union Minister of the Interior also instructed the Chief Secretary in Delhi to create reserve funds for canteens supplying food so that patients infected in a canteen can continue to receive food without interruption, said a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior (MIA).

He also ordered psychosocial counselling of doctors and nurses. This will ensure not only their physical, but also their psychological ability to fight the pandemic, the spokesman said.

After Shah’s visit, AAP MP Rajya Sabha Sanjay Singh said he carefully studied the infrastructure and other medical activities of the hospital. He motivated the doctors and asked them to continue saving lives. He also told them to stop thinking about the news that appeared in the media a few days ago and concentrate on their responsibilities. I think his visit to the hospital is an independent initiative.

Locke Nayak made headlines last week after the Supreme Court cited a report by the news channel on hospital conditions and arrested the Delhi government in response to Covid’s reaction.

In an extensive meeting at the beginning of the day, the possibilities to extend the tests to new coronaviruses, the use of new technologies to test random samples and measures to increase the number of isolation and oxygen layers were discussed.

The meeting, which lasted from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., was attended by Sanjay Singh, the president of the BDP in Delhi, Ades Kumar Gupta, and the president of the Delhi Congress, Anil Chaudhary. The Shah called on all parties to put aside their political differences and fight the virus united.

Sources at the meeting indicated that the limits of costs for testing in private laboratories and treatment in private hospitals were being discussed.

According to Mr. Singh it has been proposed to create a volunteer force of people who have recovered from the disease to help in hospitals and other places.

A new rapid antigen detection test was also discussed and approved by the Indian Medical Research Council (ICMR) on Sunday evening. The test will be available for 450 rupees and results will be available in 15 minutes, Singh said.

M. Gupta of the BJP said his party claims that the cost of testing would be cut in half of the current 4,500 rupees. This request was approved by the Minister, according to Gupta.

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