The number of deaths reached 8,884, after an increase of 9.7% in the last two days. It is also faster than in the previous 48 hours, when it had increased by 8.5%.

This week the mortality rate increased by 25% and the number of cases by 20%.

The number of deaths in India has almost doubled in the last 16 days. The number of infections is now twice as high as 17 days ago, and given the growth rate in that period could reach 350,000 on Tuesday.

The continuing increase in the number of cases is a major challenge for India’s limited medical capacity and overstretched healthcare system.

Despite a much slower doubling of cases than in the previous epidemic, new infections and deaths are now rising faster in India than in most other severely affected countries. Of the countries with more than 4,000 deaths, India recorded the largest increase in confirmed cases and deaths last week. There are now more cases of coronavirus in India than in the United Kingdom and more deaths than in Iran.

Maharashtra killed 3,717 people, the highest number in the country to date by Covid-19, followed by Gujarat (1,415), Delhi (1,214), West Bengal (451) and Madhya Pradesh (440). These five states are currently responsible for 81% of all covider-related deaths in India. In the past seven days Hariana, Delhi and Tamil Nadu have seen the highest number of deaths.

The mortality rate in this case is very different. Gujarat has the highest mortality rate (6.3 percent), followed by West Bengal, where 4.4 percent of people who tested positive for the coronavirus died. It is followed by Madhya Pradesh with 4.2%. The mortality rate in India is 2.9%. Of all the states where deaths occurred, the lowest percentages were in Tripura (0.1 percent), Assam (0.1 percent) and Odisha (0.3 percent).

It should be noted that the quality of data on cases and deaths varies from country to country and from region to region due to factors such as the different standards and test protocols used to record deaths related to covide.

In Maharashtra 49,628 patients are being treated, the highest number in the country, followed by Delhi with 22,212 active patients and Tamil Nadu with 18,284 patients. Gujarat ranks fourth with 5,619 active cases and West Bengal fifth with 5,587 active cases. Of the 145,779 active cases in India on Saturday morning, 70% were in the five largest states combined and 81% in the ten largest states. Active cases exclude death and resettlement from the list of confirmed cases.

Currently 154,330 patients (50%) have been released in India. In India there are now more patients who have recovered than active cases.

Of the 10 Allied states and territories with the most active cases, Haryana, Delhi and Tamil Nadu recorded the highest percentage increase in the last seven days.

In the districts of Chennai, Mumbai, Taneh, Pune and Ahmedabad, the largest increase in confirmed cases has been recorded in the last two days. These five districts account for 45 percent of new cases during this period, according to data collected last night by Other areas where there has been an increase in the last two days are Gurugram in Haryana, Palgar in Maharashtra and Hyderabad in Tehran.

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So far, deaths have been recorded in 349 districts. Mumbai (2,044) recorded the highest number of deaths of all districts, followed by Ahmedabad (1,139) in Gujarat, Pune (456) and Tan (420) in Maharashtra and Chennai (293) in Tamil Nadu. These five districts are currently responsible for 58 percent of deaths in the country.

Calcutta (283) in West Bengal, Indore (163) in Madhya Pradesh, Aurangabad (126) in Maharashtra, Jaipur (121) in Rajasthan and Jalgaon (120) in Maharashtra are the other areas with the highest toll. The ten largest districts are responsible for 69 percent of all deaths in the country. Restrictive data for Delhi are not available and are therefore not included in this list.

The number of coronavirus infections is likely to continue to increase in the coming days as the number of tests in India continues to increase. According to the Indian Medical Research Council, more than 5.5 million samples have so far been tested, of which 143,737 in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, the number of coronavirus cases worldwide has exceeded 7.6 million, more than 425,000 people have died and the number of recoveries has exceeded 3.6 million (47%).

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