At Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida, USA, the husband and wife of Kovid-19 Air Force anesthesiologists are preparing for a busy day.

Almost, but so far.

Staff and residents of the retirement home in Budapest applaud the musicians of the Hungarian MAV Symphony Orchestra in their cars and blow their earlier performances of famous works, including the waltzes of Johann Strauss, through loudspeakers. At Tampa General Hospital in Tampa, Florida, USA, the husband and wife of the anesthesiologists of the Kovid-19 Airborne Brigade are preparing for a busy day.

Do all Kovid 19 tests for free, the Supreme Court tells the government.

The Supreme Court issued provisional orders and ordered the Government to carry out the Kovid 19 tests free of charge in accredited public and private laboratories. Testing in public laboratories is free of charge, but private laboratories can charge up to ₹4 500, an amount which, according to the court, is beyond the reach of a large part of the population. In response to another petition for the safety of health workers, the court ruled on Wednesday that medical and other frontline workers fighting the Kovid 19 pandemic are fighters who need to be protected.

A man looking out the window of his slum during a rural blockade to stop the spread of the coronavirus, in Sek-8 in Neud.

A man looking out the window of his slum during a rural blockade to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, at Sek-8 in Neud. ITP.

OE government seals hotspots in 15 districts

The Government of Uttar Pradesh has sealed hot spots in 15 districts, including Noida and Gaziabad, which are part of NCR New Delhi, after 300 cases of coronavirus had been reported in the state. Residents of these hotspots are not allowed to leave their homes and food or other essential goods are delivered to their homes. The announcement caused panic at shopping in Neuud and Gaziabad with long queues for the grocery stores. The opening of the center is planned on the 11th. The EU will meet with States on 14 April to decide whether the blockade should be lifted after the initial period of 21 days, which ended on 14 April. April.

Kerala tests more than 9,000 samples aggressively, one of the highest rates in the country. ITP.

One of the states with the worst health status has the best healing rate.

Higher healing rates have also been reported in Kerala State, one of the first and most affected of the Kovida pandemic 19 – more than 300 people have tested positive. In 71 it has the highest healing rate in the country – 19 patients – and two of them have died so far. Finance Minister Thomas Isaac tweeted that Kerala de 8 he took first place among the states with the most active Covid-19 cases, after leading two weeks ago. It still has 263 active cases, and there will be more. Kerala conducts aggressive tests with more than 9,000 samples, one of the highest percentages in the country.

Recovery rate.

Recovery rate.

The recovery rate in Kerala is twice as high as in Telangan.

Of the eight states with the highest number of cases of Covida 19, Kerala has the highest recovery rate, almost 21 percent. A total of 71 patients recovered from more than 330 confirmed cases. The healing rate in Telangan is 9.6 percent (35 out of 364 confirmed cases have recovered), and in Maharashtra, currently the worst affected state with more than 1,000 cases, the healing rate is 7.8 percent (79 out of 1,018).

Air pollution is associated with a higher covid-19 mortality rate: Search on

Coronavirus patients in areas with high air pollution before the pandemic are more likely to die from the infection than patients who lived with clean air, researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health TH Chan found. The study covered 3,080 U.S. counties and found that higher concentrations of PM2.5 were associated with increased mortality due to the disease. She also pointed out that a little cleaner air in Manhattan in the past could have saved hundreds of lives. This study is part of new research to determine whether prolonged exposure to air pollution increases susceptibility to Kovid-19.

Half a million Chinese companies closed in the first quarter.

According to the South China Morning Post, more than 460,000 Chinese companies closed permanently in the first quarter when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world’s second largest economy. More than half of them had been working for less than three years, according to farm registration data. The closure of the borders underlines the challenge facing China to revitalise its economy, which is in danger of shrinking for the first time since 1976. On the other hand, fewer new companies are being opened: From January to March 2020, some 3.2 million companies were founded, 29% less than in the same period last year.

PHOTOFAILA: Migrant workers are resting on the railways during a 21-day national blockade to slow down the spread of the coronavirus (KOVID-19) in Mumbai. RAY.

Unemployment is rising and 400 million people could fall into poverty, according to the ILO.

According to the ICEM, the unemployment rate rose from 8.4% in mid-March to 30.9% in April. The United Nations International Labour Organisation has said that the coronavirus crisis could plunge 400 million Indians working in the informal sector into greater poverty. According to the rough estimates of the IJC, about 50 million jobs could have been lost in two weeks of the blockade. The ILO has stated that the pandemic threatens to destroy 19.5 million full-time jobs in the second half of the year, accounting for 6.7 percent of total working time worldwide.

Kenyans run half marathons to participate in a virtual race.

A group of 30 Kenyan elite runners, spread across the country, ran a virtual half marathon on their own. The runners, 20 men and 10 women, are preparing for the Wuhan marathon, which would take place this week before it was postponed due to an outbreak of the coronavirus. At the CoronaRun in Kenya, the runners started their individual race at 8am with their GPS watches to capture their time. Edwin Kirwa won the men’s race by finishing the 21 kilometre race with a time of an hour, a minute and 52 seconds – his personal best.

What we see in prison.

Okay, you would think that today we would be a little obsessed with Kerala, but actually this Twitter video from the state police about people taking cover of a drone that tracks down those who break the lock is one of the funniest things we have seen recently. It is based on a comment from the tracking test of former cricketer Ravi Shastri and includes Sunil Gawaskar, Yan Botam and others. Look at the man behind the coconut tree.

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