Marvel will give Miles Morales his own clone saga. June asks about Miles Morales: Spider-man makes a young hero run for his life. The menacing, red-eyed version of a man in a car chase, while Miles’ face says it all. Fighting someone who looks and sounds like you have a small task. I hope Spider-Man is confused enough with the spider’s enemies not to be lethal. Looks like this sinister version of you is even stranger than it looks.

The idea of creating or giving birth to a clone goes back to the saga of the original clones, who still manage to knot the reader’s brain. Unfortunately, it looks like Miles is doing it alone, which Peter Parker didn’t have to do. Ben Riley was the heroic Scarlet Spider, who actually became a real Spider-Man for a short time. (A strange crossover moment occurs when you think of Spider-Man, which calms Miles at the beginning of Spider-Man: Spider-Man looks a lot like Ben with his hairy blondes).

The saga of the Spider-Man clone is so popular that Tom Holland said earlier that he wanted to change the plot. The star said Cinemablend: There’s so much we haven’t seen in Spider-Man… I want to use bad guys who’ve never been seen in a movie before. The early films were so traditional, and so faithfully followed the classic plot of the character… So there’s still a lot of stuff in stock. For example, the saga of clones.

Spider-Man Mile (Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

That would be really cool… I can play seven characters. That means seven checks! And I like the idea of having characters for Spider-Man who have the same powers as him. … It makes sense, because cloning is more or less possible. It would be useful to talk about it. Like a scoundrel saying: This guy’s got superpowers. I want 20, just like the guy who fights for me. I’ll take one of his hair and try to clone it. And it’s obvious it’s going wrong!

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #19
– Saladin Ahmed (W)
– Carmen Carnero (A)
– Javier Garron Coating
– Live Vampire Coating Dave Johnson
– Even if Miles survives he will die!
– No one knows the full consequences of a global collision: Are there lines, echoes, duplicates?
– Miles is already fighting a man who shares his name. What does it mean when he finds someone with a face in the family room?
– Was this clone made or was it born? And which one of these miles will survive this saga?
– 32 PGS./ Rating T . 3,99

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