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Superfood brand Eatopia achieves the golden balance with their products made from nature.

July 5: One look at your average supermarket shelf presents a pretty picture, well-lit rows beaming with jars and boxes of flashy packaging, juicy photography and appetising offers. A closer look, especially at the back side, reveals a far less palatable truth.

A recent Times of India report says that 85% of all packaged foods in India contain additives of some kind – chemicals that enhance the taste, appearance and shelf life. These cause many short- and long-term health issues, the extent of which is still not fully known to us, from obesity and diabetes to cancer, heart diseases, and even ADHD. This has prompted a slew of brands to deliver what’s now called the Healthy Food segment. While made of clean ingredients and lacking in additives, they have also become synonymous with something else, a distinct lack of taste.

This is where Jacob George, CEO & Director of McGill Foods, sensed an opportunity. A food technologist himself, with a wealth of experience working for a few mega brands in the food industry, Jacob took consumer insights to heart. He created an entity that is at once nutritious and delicious, the best of both worlds. 

“Eatopia has been established to be a superhub for all health needs by prioritising consumer insights and taking care to fit products into their day-to-day healthy lifestyle. With a deep understanding of food science and tech, Eatopia’s objective is to positively impact lives through clean-green food made with all-natural ingredients with zero chemical additives.,” says Jacob. 

Since its inception, Eatopia has strived to deliver healthy products that are developed purely using ingredients from natural sources. One of the main ones is honey. Not only is it sold by itself, but love also forms an integral part of many of Eatopia’s signature products. And the honey itself is no ordinary honey. Eatopia says it is sourced ethically from exotic apiaries pan India and made with zero additives, preservatives or colours, making it unlike any honey on the market. It is also available in monofloral (where the bees get nectar from a singular flower type like Karanj, Litchi, Tulsi) and multi-floral variants like Farmer’s Harvest, Little Bee – Kid’s Edition and Forest flowers. Honey also features heavily in products like Honey Jam, which Eatopia claims is Asia’s first of its kind with 0% refined sugar and wholesome snacks like Nut Pops.

Come rain or shine

Why is this important? Well, apart from being luscious and delectable, honey is one of those rare ingredients that are as healthy as it is tasty. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Quality honey has anti-depressant and anti-anxiety benefits for heart and gut health and general healing. That’s what Eatopia’s all-natural, unadulterated honey promises to offer, especially in the wetter seasons.

“The onset of monsoons brings a variety of viral infections, especially affecting the low-immunity demographics like kids and the elderly. Honey has become a must-have in these times with its antiviral and antifungal properties. And Eatopia’s wide range of products makes it all the easier to get your daily dose, whether it’s breakfast with the Honey Jam or snacking on Nut Pops.”, says Sachin Eapen, Co-Director, McGill Foods.

One variant to note is India’s only kid’s honey – Eatopia Little Bee honey – Kid’s Edition, made purely from stingless bees, making for a fusion of the rarest & most antioxidant-rich kinds of honey in nature. This is excellent for the little ones in fighting against inflammation and boosting their immunity while being easy on their digestive system.

Currently, the company operates pan-India in the (D2C) online market such as Amazon, Flipkart &, and the offline markets of Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi and Kerala. McGill Foods have rapid expansion plans shortly to reach out to more online marketplaces & offline stores, creating a global brand that stands for not just healthy but equally tasty food.

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