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Wayanad, Kerala, June 24: Delphi’s Annual Kick-off took place in the lush, green hills of Kerala. The 5-day retreat allowed employees to recharge and refresh before the busy year ahead. Attendees enjoyed hiking, biking, and exploring the natural beauty of the area. The retreat was a great opportunity for team building and bonding.

For 2022, we all came together to create a new kick-off plan that focused on strategies for next year and also looked back at the challenges faced in this past one. We took time out of our busy schedules (and got creative!) by coming up with solutions so they don’t happen again, and what better way than to start with an extravagant celebration in which the entire Delphi Infotech family got invited to a 5-day retreat at resorts across Kerala for the Annual Kick-off Meeting.

It was a huge spectacle this year, featuring performances from dancers and singers as well as workshops on starting up businesses or managing them successfully. There were also presentations about marketing strategies that can be used today, making it a truly informative and helpful event for all who attended. Overall, it was a great way to start the year off and get everyone excited about the potential for success in the coming year.

The team-building activities were a great way for everyone on board to get involved and have fun. There is no better example than the game of tag where people from both North & South offices joined in together!

This year’s meeting was especially exciting because the CEO of Delphi Infotech Pvt. Ltd. outlined his vision for the company and how everyone’s individual efforts would contribute to its success. He also offered new ideas that our co-workers/employees believe will help take this organization farther than anyone could imagine!

We left the meeting feeling motivated and inspired to do our part in making Delphi Infotech a success. We looking forward to seeing how our company grows and evolves in the coming year!

At the end of this 5-day retreat, we all felt invigorated and inspired to work even harder towards our common goal – taking Delphi Infotech to new heights. We are confident that with the strategies planned for next year, coupled with everyone’s dedication and hard work, we will be able to achieve success beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you for being a part of this amazing journey and here’s to an even more successful 2022!


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