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June 8: G Square Group is back with its most ambitious project designed towards attracting major industries to Arakonnam, Tamil Nadu. Attracting major industries to the state of Tamil Nadu is great news for the economy and development of the state.

G Square group has recently announced their highly anticipated industrial project by the name of G Square Industrial Estate. The project will provide large portions industrial land to industries and that too at a very affordable land. This is a one of its kind projects that has close to 400 acres of work ready land for industries to set up their plants.

The project is set up in Arakonnam, Tamil Nadu. The project is generating a lot of excitement amongst the residents of Tamil Nadu which is understandable considering the advantages that a state receives when a major industrial project is based in it.

This article highlights the advantages of having a large industrial project in Tamil Nadu.

  1. More employment opportunities for the residents

Arakkonam has a unique geographical advantage. Since it is close to major cities and towns of Tamil Nadu such as Chennai, Thiruvallur, Sriperumbudur etc there is never a dearth for labor options in Arakonnam. This is beneficial to all the parties concerned. The industries will have no dearth for labor options whereas the residents will have more employment opportunities.

  1. Reducing import of steel

Iron and Steel is one of the most major industries in our country and it provides direct employment to a large part of the population. However, we still import a lot of steel from other countries. This is likely to change with the G Square Industrial Estate as iron and steel industries have been given a distinct advantage. The plots in G Square Industrial Estate plants have already received permits and approvals because of which Iron and steel industries can begin work immediately. This will ensure that a lot of iron and steel industries will set up their plants in Arakkonam to reap the benefits of cheap land and lack of bureaucracy.

  1. Stronger connectivity

One of the best parts about the G Square Industrial estate projects is that it provides excellent connectivity in the industrial park. The project has been set up in such a way that there are easy transportation options that are available. The project has excellent road and railway connectivity which will benefit the residents and the industries alike. The project also has provisions for a helipad within the plot which can be used in case of an emergency.

  1. No more delays lead to faster development

One of the major issues that industries face is red tapism and delay in starting the project. This is where we find that G Square Industrial estate is truly different. The project already comes with all the necessary approvals that ensures that you don’t need to waste time running from one government office to another. Further the plots in G Square Industrial estate are work ready which means that the industries can begin their project immediately upon purchase. This will ensure a faster development in the state of Tamil Nadu.


Industrial revolution has the tendency to bring economic and social development in the region. By setting up their highly innovative industrial project, G Square group is all set to bring about an industrial revolution in Arakkonam, Tamil Nadu. The G Square Industrial estate project is sure to bring about many positive changes for the industries all over the country.

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