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June 8: Summers always have a close mental association with ice creams. Since our childhood, we have loved to beat the summer heat with ice cream. But as we come to a fag end of the summers, do you wonder if you would still enjoy ice creams as much? Do you believe that having ice cream would be bad for your health and might make you sick or catch a cold? Research suggests that ice cream if in moderation, actually has health benefits. Ice cream is a calcium-rich food that helps keep the body strong and boosts body metabolism. Ice cream which is made with milk is full of vitamins & nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, zinc, and selenium which are all essential for a healthy immune system.

Handcrafted ice creams have been one of the oldest forms of making ice creams. Although it had been overpowered by big ice cream giants and their mass-produced machine-made ice creams, hand-crafted ice creams have been offering their uniqueness. Handcrafted ice cream is made in small batches as against large batches made using giant machines on assembly lines as the commercial ice cream is made. Because of being made in smaller batches, handcrafted ice cream is made more frequently and hence it is always fresh and delicious. Handcrafted ice cream usually has less than 40% overrun viz. the amount of air pushed into the ice cream while it is being made, because of the usage of the slow-churning process. Commercial ice creams which usually have an overrun of 100%, are made with one part air to every one part cream. This in turn means the air makes up 50% of the ice cream volume. This great deal of air whipped into them dramatically reduces the intensity of the taste. But this might make you wonder about what this has to do with the ice cream you eat? It is because of the lower overrun, that the ice cream tastes creamier, smoother, and richer. Lesser air translates to fewer ice crystals & fewer ice crystals help you enjoy the melt-in-the-mouth creaminess that the truly artisanal ice cream provides which is much better than the commercial ones.

Kahhak HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “” HYPERLINK “” Creamery is one such renowned Handcraft ice cream pioneer that offers its patrons velvetiest, sapid scoops that are delicately churned with piquant spices, low sugar, and globally sourced integrants. Their handcrafted ice creams give an opulence taste that makes you reconsider your sweet cravings. The handcrafted ice creams are made with pure and natural ingredients in a safe environment without any preservatives, stabilizers, or emulsifiers.

Formerly known as Cream of Ice, Kahhak Creamery has a boutique located at D-600, Ground Floor, Chittaranjan Park, Delhi- 110019, showcases the organization’s fresh vision of unparalleled inventiveness with an experience of quality, consistency, and exquisity thus, promoting versatility with exclusivity. Their traditional flavours with a startling twist are unparalleled in the market. Some of these unique flavours offered by them include Blue Fig, Berry Blast, Shades of Black, Meoluc Jam, Honey Komb, Umber Cocoa, Choco Indulgence, and Auric Aura. Their willingness to satisfy their consumers with their strive to create novelty in the ice cream segment has made them win the title of “Most promising Handcrafted Ice cream Brand – 2022, Delhi”.

The reinvigorated brand pays an ode to its Founder and CEO, Mr. Adipta Majumder whose worldwide travel has been an inspiration in bringing an exquisite experience to the industry. Adipta was bestowed with the ‘Entrepreneur of the Year 2021’ by Indian Achiever’s Forum. Adipta who recently got felicitated with the ‘Creative Entrepreneur of the Year 2022’ award from Icons of Asia and Global Empire Events has been relentlessly working towards making Kahhak Creamery, an internationally recognized brand.

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