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New Delhi (India), June 7: A campaign is being run by Bharat Mata Foundation, a voluntary organization to prevent heatstroke in summer, and a Delhi-based pharmaceutical company PharmaSynth, under which volunteers are providing information about how to prevent heatstroke and teaching the method of making and using ORS solution. Volunteers also give information leaflets with a Free Sample pouch of Vitalyte ORS Powder.

The senior manager of the company, Mr. Arjun Gupta, told that due to the high temperature in the summer season, there is a shortage of water in the body, which is called dehydration. This leads to fatigue, headache, high fever, fainting, dark coloured urine, burning in the eyes, etc.

He further told us that to avoid heat stroke, we should drink water frequently, eat juicy fruits, and drink ORS solution to prevent dehydration.

On 6th June, on the 39th foundation day of the company, this program was duly launched in Delhi. On this occasion, according to Dr. Arvind Kr. Gupta, Managing Director of the company, under this campaign, the volunteers of Team PharmaSynth and Bharat Mata Foundation will visit 18 thousand places & give pamphlets to about two lacs, 50 thousand people. One sachet of Vitalite (ORS) is being distributed free of cost to all. He said that we endeavour to reach as many people as possible to provide the benefits of this scheme.

The Regional Councilor Mr. Vir Singh Panwar, inaugurated this awareness program by lightening a Diya and aarti of Bharat Mata. Mr. Gulshan Jagga, Mr. Baljeet Chauhan,Dr. Sehgal, Mr. Janak Lalwani, Mr. Md. Yaseen, Advocate Mr. Ravi Sharma, and many area dignitaries participated in this launching program.

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