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The organisation’s focus is on preparing the young talent for continuously evolving industry needs and placing them in top companies at higher packages.

New Delhi (India), June 4: Skills have never been as important in today’s age. Employers do not just look at the educational qualifications but also the additional skills the potential employee has. With its vision of reducing the skills gap and preparing the young talent for the continuously evolving needs of the industry, CareerX Club Ed-Tech startup based out of Hyderabad is helping thousands of students upgrade their skills and putting their careers on the fast track.

CareerX Club offers a comprehensive gamut of services, setting the stage for boosting students’ career prospects and growth. Its programmes are designed to emphasise practical principles and processes that equip students with the required knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

“The world around us is changing at an unprecedented rate. What is in vogue today may be outdated tomorrow, so up-skilling is critical to success. The challenge is to stay relevant amid the changes, which is what CareerX specialises in. With our various cohorts, we ensure the students keep pace with the changing times and are ready for their challenges. We fast track their learning and career,” said AMARNATH REJINTALKAR – Head program sales of

CareerX Club cohorts include Full Stack Development, which allows students to fast track their career in the IT industry, and Data Science Cohort, where students can learn advanced concepts of data visualisation, machine learning, prediction algorithms, etc. The other cohorts include Blockchain Cohort, which provides a high-engagement learning experience, and Digital Marketing Cohort for fast-tracking careers in the digital era.

CareerX club students have been placed in top companies such as Colosseum group, Infinity Learn, examity, Mindler, Quixy, ContenTerra, and Bright Horizon, to name a few, at packages of up to Rs. 15 lakh.

At CareerX club, students learn new technical skills related to their vocation and critical skills such as time management, leadership, personality development, confidence, and more.

“What also differentiates CareerX club from other career development institutes is the high-quality teaching. We have highly qualified and reputed instructors who teach the latest curriculum using the latest teaching methods to upskill students. The students also get an opportunity to learn from mentors at senior leadership levels in top industries,” said AMARNATH REJINTALKAR – Head of program sales.

CareerXclub has made a significant impact by placing more than 200 students in leading organisations with perfect packages in just six months.

“Our entire focus is on ensuring students have acquired the skills potential employers are looking for, and they can get higher packages,” added AMARNATH REJINTALKAR – Head program sales, CareerXclub.

Students can enroll into upcoming cohorts at :  or contact : 8297297979

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