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June 3: English Browne – UK based hygiene care Brand, has launched 360 solutions for menstruation hygiene. Since its inception in 2019, the brand has been the front-runner in providing hygiene care products. The new range of feminine and menstruation hygiene products named “Keep Going” is the first-ever 360 Degree solution kit. Lack of access to basic amenities for menstruation hygiene is the problem faced by a predominantly female population in the country. In NCR, around 68% of the women work and commute to places. The public toilets are not sanitized and cleansed correctly, resulting in infections/UTA in these women.

English Browne comes with an innovative solution by launching India’s First Complete Protection Sanitary Pad kit that provides the most delicate care during Menstruation. The brand offers Pads changing Gloves, Intimate area cleaning wipes, Ultra-premium Sanitary Pads and Bio Disposable Bag.

The brand has patented this product because they want the primary hygiene care available and accessible to a large women population in an affordable way possible.  “Our mission is to make basic hygiene for females in India more accessible and affordable and to get the hygiene standards to the next level. The biggest barrier to using sanitary napkins amongst some society clusters is the high price of these products. With the launch of “Keep Going”, we are making progress in the direction of menstruation hygiene for every woman in India”, said Rahul Mannan, Director of English Browne India Limited.

English Browne has provided authentic hygiene care products since its foundation. They have bagged the title of “India’s No. 1 Brand in Hygiene Gloves” in 2021 & 2022. They also got the award for India’s most trusted Brand in Hygiene care 2022 by Global Leader awards. Currently, the brand is serving about 26 plus countries through its sales channels. Its main segments are child care, feminine hygiene, Personal Hygiene, and Medical and Hospitality Hygiene.

World Menstruation Day is celebrated every year on 28th May. The Founder and director of English Browne emphasised the importance of intimate hygiene, especially during the menstruation period, “the intimate area of a female is prone to infection during this time. Hence it is of utmost importance to take special care. These infections that appear to be minor in the start could cause serious morbidities and health issues in a woman.”

The products developed and manufactured by the brand are of high quality and certified by Dermatologists, and with 5X More Absorption Power than other top Brands are offering in the Country. “Keep Going” has been launched in three packages – Regular, Maxi and Ultra Range. A team of experts designs each product.

The products will be available in the Delhi – NCR region. It will soon be distributed to the other areas of the country in the coming months.

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