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Guwahati, May 31: Happyfares enables travelers across India to seamlessly book flight tickets at the best deals and fares. By helping them save money through exclusive coupons and discounts.


The inability to find flights at genuine prices along with a promising traveling experience makes it even harder to select a flight ticket at the best price. But new-generation online air ticket platforms such as Happyfares make booking air tickets at fair prices a completely hassle-free experience.


Happyfares is an online air ticket booking platform and an emerging market player in the online Indian travel sector. What makes Happyfares one of the most efficient online air ticket booking platforms is exclusive access to discount coupons, special offers, and promotions. The secure payment channel and user-friendly interface also help the users enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted flight ticket booking experience.


The main objective of this online flight ticket booking website is to help travelers find affordable and budget-friendly flight tickets. They do so by offering them exclusive discounts, coupons, and promotional offers and no convenience fee. They also offer discounted air tickets or separate fares such as defence and student fares. From popular domestic flight routes to popular international flight routes, they cover all kinds of popular airline tickets.


Happyfares offers a great deal of domestic and international flight tickets. From the most unbelievable offers on air tickets to some phenomenal deals, getting your air tickets online could not be any quicker and easier with them by your side.


The online air ticket booking platform offers Defence Fares with up to 50% discount for the Indian Armed Forces, Student Fares with added baggage allowance on domestic routes, and Senior Citizen Fares. The website offers a wide array of Flight Protection Plans for an amount as low as Rs 99/- to secure their customer’s travel plans against unforeseen circumstances. 


Another beneficial feature they offer is the “Buy Now Pay Later” that enables a buyer to purchase at present and pay for it in the future. They can pay in 3 equal installments over 3 months with no extra charges or processing fees. It is as simple as dividing Rs 6000/- ticket by 3 months and paying Rs 2000 per month for 3 months.


From flight delay insurance with a sum insured of flat Rs 1000, missed flight insurance with a sum insured of flat Rs 3000, trip cancellation insurance with a sum insured of flat Rs 5000, airline cancellation insurance with a sum insured of flat Rs 2000, Happyfares also offers added flight protection or travel insurance with easy claim process with its insurance partner “Acko™”.


Over the years, Happyfares has become a frontrunner amongst the most trusted and acclaimed online flight booking platforms in a very short frame of time. Happyfares is trusted by thousands of flight ticket buyers or travelers because of the unmatched flight ticket booking experience offered by them. The instant discount offers, no processing or extra charges, easy installment processes, and lowest fares of flights make them the go-to platform for buying domestic and international air tickets. happyfares maintains a 4.6* rating on Google Reviews amongst 2000+ reviews by travelers.


Happyfares keep updating its websites with the lowest airfares, newest deals, promotions and offers. Whether you have been planning to go, their quick booking, fast refund process, and secure payments will help you fetch the best-priced air tickets. Happyfares’ engaging list of promotional offers will help you indulge in an enhanced flight booking experience.

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