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Pune, May 30: Dr. Girish Tathed has been captivated by the homoeopathic practices and approaches since his school times. He has formed a much stronger and more paramount connection with his patients. He wants to put the age-old holistic homoeopathic medicinal perspective in the spotlight and appeal to its extraordinary ways of cure; that’s why he knows as the best homoeopathy doctor in Pune. The kind of treatment that mends the mind and the human body. According to him, the newer generation needs to understand the pure ways how homoeopathy functions and treats people in a pain-free, safe, and convenient manner.


With his treatments, Dr, Tathed tends to search for the root causes of every problem and focuses on the entirety of the well-being of his patients. His homoeopathic cures do not let the mind get in the way of the bonafide functioning of the body. He delivers research-based and exemplary techniques to treat several important brain diseases like depression. Depression is one of the most common mental illnesses among people these days. Some principal symptoms visible in depressed patients are sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness.


The doctor believes that depression can be occurred due to day-to-day stress and frustration. For instance, if a person is not appreciated at work or does not get a promotion, or anything that happens against the person’s wishes and expectations are not met, these can lead to depressive behaviors. A person dealing with a severe case of depression finds it difficult to come out of a situation or move on from it. The doctor also points out that depression can easily occur in people who have prolonged diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, and hypothyroidism. In depression, some neurochemicals and hormones like dopamine play a role in how we feel happiness and pleasure become lesser.


The doctor also explains how depression occurs in females going through the menopausal stage; they lack the will to continue their everyday activities, become anti-social and have major feelings of sorrow. In today’s times, depression is also seen in teenagers and young adults who deal with heartbreaks, the pressure of getting into a good college, and the denial of being accepted by their families and peers.


According to Dr, Tathed, the greatest way to overcome depression is through homoeopathy, exercising, and meditation. The homoeopathic approach will look for the basic causes and triggers of depression, for example, financial loss, personal loss, or business loss. Via homoeopathic medicine, it stimulates the good hormones in the body, and once the hormones are elevated, the person will feel much happier and better.  


Dr. Girish Tathed is strongly determined to spread the optimistic information and recognition about the progress of homoeopathy and how it treats patients with pain-free and gentle therapies.

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