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New Delhi (India), May 28:  Scooboo – the online stationery platform of HOKO Products LLP is creating buzz in the India stationery market for its innovative approach, high-quality stationery products and excellent post-sales service. Scooboo, already a renowned name among youngsters and stationery enthusiasts of India caters to stationery needs of all age groups and audiences ranging from offices to schools and shopkeepers to college students. Besides regular stationery, Scooboo sources globally-recognized products from well-known stationery brands around the world, and it provides the majority of Japanese stationery that is known for its high quality and thoughtful designs.

Founded under the vision of Parag Jindal, Scooboo’s website offers a wide range of products, ranging from daily job necessities to artistic creations. The platform’s finest feature is that there is no minimum order amount, so you can order in bulk or look for a single item at a time. Whatever the case may be, they provide prompt delivery and product tracking. They also have a simple return policy if things are damaged or broken when they arrive. They also do not compromise on their quality. They have collaborated with many known stationery product brands that people look for, allowing customers to explore many brands under a single roof. Scooboo is a bootstrapped startup and has been a tremendous success since its launch.

Talking about the online stationery store, founder Parag Jindal stated, “The Indian stationery market is unorganized, with a shortage of fresh product lines and decades of the same brand’s product being provided. Given my educational background, I recognized a significant disparity between what is accessible in India and what is sold elsewhere when I went deeper into India’s stationery sector and studied products in other countries such as Japan, Germany, and Dubai. In response to this demand, I decided to create a brand that would provide individuals across India with easy access to stationery products in a shorter amount of time.”

He added, “At Scooboo, we aim to provide high-quality global stationery products and brands to Indian consumers and common ones that most aficionados are aware of but can’t find a way to obtain. I’m also grateful to my capable and professional team, which possesses the necessary skillsets for significant company activities such as procurement, warehouse, backend support, marketing, and sales. We see ourselves expanding and catering to many more brands and people throughout the world in the future.” began with around 1000 products and has since grown to over 6000 products on its platform at any given point of time now, serving over 26000 pin codes nationally. If you are also looking for some amazing stationery products for yourself or your loved ones, visit to get the best stationery at affordable rates.

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