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May 28: India’s No. 1 scholarship search engine, empowers students all over India with essential information about all the latest available scholarships in India. To aid students with academic achievements to widen the path of financial needs of students and direct them towards inevitable success.

Scholarships play a crucial role in rewarding the academic potential of a student. Whether students are commencing their career or studying in high school, receiving a scholarship will offer them a host of economic benefits and expand their horizons for exploring new growth abilities. From employment opportunities to a gateway to an educational haven, aspiring for scholarships makes credible sense.

Finding the right scholarship can be a challenging task for most students. Learning about the various available scholarships in India, the qualifications necessary for achieving a specific scholarship, differentiating between active and inactive scholarships, and numerous merit requirements can baffle a student. But student-centric scholarship websites like can help students find the right scholarships and decide what’s best for them. is an online portal that enables students to collect all important information and updates about the latest scholarships available in India for free. The online platform categorizes scholarships by state, availability, category, and educational qualifications for better decision-making. What makes them unique from other scholarship assistance platforms is that it offers free-of-cost scholarship assistance specific to the applicant’s goals.

The main objective of is to help merit-worthy students with available best-suited scholarships. To make the students financially secure as well as meaningfully alert. They do so by keeping the students aware of scholarships’ activity and inactivity status to help students know whether or not the scholarships are presently available. This is a major reason why is always kept up-to-date for students’ immediate scholarship references.

From students studying in the nursery standard to the top education level students, makes an apt solution for them all. “We help you get the best scholarship by offering you a seamless scholarship searching experience as the scholarships get updated regularly. As a student, you will always get scholarship assistance based on your goal”, shares the founder of

Students interested in getting a scholarship in top educational institutes of India can search for India’s No.1 scholarship search portal,, on their browser. Once the website loads, it will simply ask the student to set their goal to get the best scholarship assistant based on their educational goals. They can register themselves to bookmark scholarships that interest them to get quick assistance and scholarship leads to keep themselves updated about them. Registering on this website is also free.

Students can browse for the most popular scholarships in India and collect an array of information about the trending scholarships at the online scholarship assistance portal. The website also offers engaging blogs and articles relevant to scholarships in India that are a must-read for all students.

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