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May 27: Cryptocurrencies have started to gain momentum over the last few years with Bitcoin exploding into the mainstream. Over the years, cryptocurrencies have come a long way and even some governments have started to recognise the viability of the concept and have started to accept major cryptocurrencies as legal tenders.

Bu Abdullah Coin is the newest digital token on the block and is aiming to transform the industry. Bu Abdullah Coin is a multi-blockchain token and is based on TPAY blockchain ecosystem with a swipe feature with 8 major blockchain architectures including

  • Ethereum,
  • Binance Smart Chain,
  • Tron,
  • Etherlite,
  • Polygon (Matic),
  • HECO,
  • Fantom and
  • Avalanche

This helps the token leverage all the benefits of the platform.

The coin will be listed on all major exchanges after launch and major cryptos can be exchanged to get the coin with the official launch date being on 27th October 2022, the birthday of Dr Bu Abdullah in Dubai. This megaevent will be filled with prominent faces from the Indian film industry, Emirati tycoons and other well-known personalities. Users would be able to use the Bu Abdullah Coin to buy or sell services and even leverage the NFT marketplace.

Bu Abdullah coin is  brainchild of Dr Bu Abdullah and Anurag Maheshwari they both have last year ventured together and formed SACHME an upcominghindu temple in ajman, the ICO of this new cryptocurrency would be soft launched on 27th May 2022 at Hotel Hindustan International, Kolkata. This event would be visited by a number of notable dignitaries of the industry and both Dr Bu Abdullah and Anurag Maheshwari would be attending the soft launch for the ICO.

Dr Bu Abdullah is one of the most prominent business personalities in the Emirates, owning over 270 businesses across the world. With a keen foothold in the real estate, constancy and legal ventures, the premier Emirati business tycoon is looking to venture into the world of blockchain and NFTs with the launch of his namesake token Bu Abdullah Coin. The ICO for the token began on the 13th of May 2022, marking the beginning of the pre-launch phase with a 40 million offer quantity while the fifth and last phase of the ICO is scheduled to begin on the 26th of September 2022. Grab your share of the digital innovation with Bu Abdullah Coin and see your profits soar.

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