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Pune (Maharashtra) [India], May 23: Instazen, a Business Operating Platform for software services companies, has been named the “Best Emerging Start-up of the Year 2022 for IT Services” by Business Mint.

The Business Mint Nationwide Start-Up Awards – 2022 aims to recognize firms that boost economic vitality by encouraging innovation and stimulating competition. It focuses on entrepreneurs developing new products/solutions and scalable businesses with a strong potential for creating jobs and exhibiting verifiable social impact.

“We are on a mission to help software services companies unlock profits and unleash their full growth potential. The inspiration for this powerful platform came from the pains my co-founder, Rahul Chaudhari, experienced for more than a decade of running a software services company himself.” – Abhijit Rao, Co-founder & CEO, Instazen.

Information is the lifeblood of a business, and services companies need to efficiently and continuously track numerous important metrics like project profitability and pyramids, revenue losses, leakages in hiring SLAs, forecasted attrition, and gaps in talent demand-supply.

Founded in 2018, Instazen is a business operating platform that helps organizations streamline their processes. It provides decision-makers with contextual and real-time access to all the key metrics they need.

From managing the sales pipeline to in-time in-budget hiring to ultimately delivering projects with greater profitability, Instazen is the answer services companies have been looking for.

Instazen is designed to be the single source of truth everyone can tap into. It helps you bid farewell to delays, human subjectivity, communication gaps, and the pains of wading through hundreds of conflicting spreadsheets.

It brings immense clarity to decision-makers and revolutionizes the way organizations work with data.

“Instazen’s vision is to help create a happy society by empowering entrepreneurs and businesses to prosper and grow.” – adds Abhijit. “We are humbled to be recognized amongst India’s groundbreaking start-up fraternity. We would like to thank Business Mint for this fantastic initiative, and for their trust in Instazen.”

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