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Mumbai, 19th May: Sonam Jain is a professional content creator and mom influencer based in Mumbai. She started her journey as a rural marketer and decided to document the rural stories. However, life gifted her a beautiful baby boy and since then she decided to document her motherhood/parenting viewpoints

Very soon Sonam got famous for her innovative skills in creating food art for kids who were fussy eaters. Her platters are colourful, bright and so mystical that every platter will tell a story, and kids will not want to watch TV/ Mobile phones while eating food but rather relish their meals.

Her innovative food arts got her featured in various parenting communities and Sonam took a step ahead to talk about parenting, sharing recipes for kids and moms and sharing about her lifestyle on her Instagram platform – themagicplatter. She also writes parenting articles for various organization’s giving impactful insights on new-age parenting, how to be more conscious and gentle towards kids and how to inculcate a growth mindset in them

So If you are a mom and want to take a little bit dose of inspiration, watch out for her content on Instagram – themagicplatter and enjoy motherhood in a new form

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