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May 16: Sanjeevani Career Guidance & Counselling Academy has been empowering students all across India to make meaningful and responsible choices that would stay with them lifelong to transform the lives of students by guiding them in the right direction.

With the growing diversity of programs and courses to choose from, most present-day students find it hard to choose what to pursue in life, how to do it, where to begin, and where to get the essential guidance. Most of these students are unaware of not only their true potential but also the various options that lie in front of them. However, nowadays, this process has been simplified with new generation career counselling websites such as

According to a recent survey, it was revealed that nearly 44% of present-day students feel the necessity to get guidance from a career counsellor. One more study held on career option awareness revealed that a whopping 93% of students all over India had limited awareness of only 7 career options. This clearly states the significance of career counselling and its essentialness to making the right career choice rather than deeming it as some sort of luxury.

Sanjeevani Career Guidance & Counselling Academy is an online and offline platform that guides parents and students in a uniquely scientific way. They do so, by holding a special brain mopping test both online and offline called the “Advanced DMIT” test. The “Advanced DMIT” test is 100% successful in elaborating the inborn talent of a student. Thus, helping them identify their real potential in life.

The online website of the organization, serves students and parents looking for genuine counselling services all over India and abroad. What makes this career and life counselling platform different from all the other counselling platforms in the country is its scientifically oriented research reports and over 20 years of experience in the field. Be it career counselling, life counselling, relationship counselling, marriage counselling, or job counselling, they aid their clients with all kinds of issues.

The counselling academy has a great team of counsellors, psychologists, authors, philosophers, experienced educationalists, senior retired judicial officers, senior medical & health professionals, lawyers or matrimonial counsellors, and more with good years of experience.

Dr. Kumar, the mastermind behind it all, is also a well-known and reputed career counsellor, happiness coach, life coach, teacher, mentor, author, philosopher, psychologist, and career columnist based in India. He has done over 80,000 counselling sessions for career, family, psychological, and personal matters. He is dedicated to guiding all the individuals who approach him through guiding them in a relevant holistic and scientific manner.

Whether it is students unaware of their passions and interests but concerned about what to pursue after class 10, class 12, or graduates, Sanjeevani is the one-stop destination that could help them unveil a successful path in life. Middle-age women sitting idle at home can explore opportunities parallel to their interests through getting accurate counselling as well.

At present, the Sanjeevani Career Guidance & Counselling Academy operates over 90+ branches along with their channel partners all over the country, especially in the major cities of India.

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