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‘What We Say… Is What We Do…!”

May 16: Adhering to our own commitments, being responsible for our thoughts and actions, and being accountable are virtues that signify who you are and where you wish to be at the end of the road.

JoyHomes is a company built on the principles of ethics, and accountability, and with the sheer will to provide transparency of works in the best interests of the consumer.

Founded by Akshay Kumar, with the initial goal to build better practices and reform the traditional thinking of greater malpractices of turnkey construction by adapting to superior quality products and workmanship.  It takes great man-management, high-impact, micromanagement, and a clear line of communication and coordination for a services company to stand out, and Akshay has constantly and repeatedly done so. Adding to his vision of quality guarantees and zero tolerance of poor workmanship came Anurag, together they have passionately taken care of tasks and activities as required and then taken all of their learnings into the growth of Joy Homes.

Starting merely as a building services company in high & medium-end residential areas, Joy Homes has transformed itself from not only being building block services but adding multiple layers of services viz Residential Interior Design, Commercial Interior Design, Turnkey Interior Projects, Construction Management, End-To-End Building Construction services.

Having a combined experience of more than 16 years in the infrastructure industry, together Akshay and Anurag have embarked on a vision to provide quality rich works to the end-users without compromising on accountability and ethics as well. They have helped many customers reach their goal and target with on-time delivery and service guarantees which are unheard of in the industry. After covering more than 40+ societies in Gurugram, Delhi, and completing more than 100+ projects with high-end customers they are on a mission to complete more than 1000+ projects in the next 5 years.

Today JoyHomes is recognized as one of the most upcoming and leading interior design studios of Gurugram and it is a testament to the fact that the mission statement of quality workmanship and ensuring ethical practices to be followed are fuleing the growth ahead for the company.

Akshay, who is the CEO of the company works very passionately and diligently ensuring that customer satisfaction is maintained and delivered at all levels of the project and Anurag, COO and Co-founder at JoyHomes makes sure that process of work is taken care of smoothly without any hiccups with the vendor and client as well.

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