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May 7: Fincus Capital is a fast-growing company in Mumbai that provides mutual fund distributors with new and innovative ways to operate. Its digital transformation has led it to become one of the fastest-growing fintech company. Fincus Capital truly believes in making business easy for its customers, so it can provide them better service when dealing with their investments.

Fincus Capital is a professional investment company that offers multiple financial services. Their aim is to provide safe and profitable investments while giving excellent customer service. They are aiming for an AUM of 100+ cr in the next financial year as they will be adding new products like PMS, AIF, Corporate Fixed deposits, etc. They have partnered with some of the big names in the finance industry like Motilal Oswal, Aditya Birla, ICICI Prudential, SBI Mutual Fund, Canara Robecco Mutual Fund, Nippon Mutual fund, Franklin Templeton, Mirae Asset, Parag Parikh, etc.

At Fincus Capital they believe that the greater good is achieved when everyone has access to financial education. They provide a service of educating their customers so that they are capable and aware enough of finances in order to make wise decisions for themselves and create wealth as well.

Meet the person behind making financial education accessible to all his customers. Mr. Pradeep Pillai is a finance enthusiast who has more than a decade of experience in the field of finance and technology and has also worked for fortune 500 companies like JP Morgan, ICICI Bank etc to name a few.  Finance being his passion, he is also a strong believer in technology and innovation.

When asked about the reason behind starting Fincus Capital, here is what he has to say “I truly believe in the power of investing and wanted to share this with everyone. I know what it takes to grow one’s wealth, that’s why I have created a platform that is user-friendly for all levels of investors – from beginners who are just starting out on their journey to those who have been at it for years. I understand the pain points of buying a mutual fund while not being well informed and wanted to change that scenario with Fincus Capital, people might find investing quite difficult and that’s not true at all instead it is the other way around, all one needs to do is to pick the right funds as per their risk appetite and do proper asset allocation and that is what Fincus Capital does. We help you to make informed decisions so that you can get an excellent return on your investment.”

Here is what he has to say about why anyone should choose to invest their money with Fincus Capital: “Our Mutual Fund investment suggestions are managed by professionals with decades of experience. We work on a high-touch model where we connect directly to our customers and provide them with the tools they need to make well-informed decisions about their investments.”

People are even today unaware of the fund management companies, the number of fund schemes they offer, how the fund works, and which ones suit them. Most people read tables and data to decide their preferences in a confused voice.
Matching individual profiles with investment choices is not easy as there are so many schemes that have contradicting investment objectives, which makes it impossible for someone to identify one scheme on his/her own.

However providing solutions to these key problems from both qualitative as well as quantitative stands, makes Fincus Capital one of the fastest growing mutual fund distributor company in Mumbai. So if you are planning for a well-planned mutual fund investment, meet the experts at Fincus Capital.

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