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New Delhi (India), May 2: HiDoc Dr., the number one doctor networking and medical learning platform in India, now spreads its operations internationally. The portal,, launched in late April this year, aims to cater to healthcare professionals in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

HiDoc Dr. provides valuable information to its network doctors through multiple features such as social networks, case presentations, content aggregator, disease databases, drug databases, drug interactions, news summaries, article summaries, various quizzes, and incentive-based surveys.

Currently, technical information is available to doctors in a paid format. “On average, a doctor spends USD 200 to 300 yearly on subscriptions for such content,” observes Varun Gadia, COO, HiDoc Dr. “We endeavor to break this norm by providing this information to our network doctors for free. We have tied up with multiple medical content license partners to achieve the same” he adds. The company caters to Doctors across 25+ Specializations and plans to include features for Dentists and Paramedics.

HiDoc Dr. is looking to onboard 1.5 million doctors in the U.S. and 10 million doctors globally in the next 24 months. The company also plans to launch cross-border second opinions, a clinical trial search database, a learning database of 1000+ medical courses, and an AI-driven platform for second opinions on X-ray and ECG reports.

As HiDoc Dr. stirs the medical fraternity into a well-connected, innovative, and robust direction, it welcomes doctors worldwide to be a part of this transformation. Visit Hidoc Dr. on and experience the metamorphosis.

Established in 2017 by Dr. Rajesh Gadia, a renowned Indian physician, HiDoc Dr. intents to excel in quality education among doctors across all specializations. It is an AI-based medical learning app for doctors and provides evidence-based medical second opinions within 15 minutes. The platform also provides its members access to more than a million medical cases, 30,000+ medical journals, learning series, medical calculations, conferences, and quizzes.

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