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April 30: With a new breed of tech giant emerging as super apps and has started encroaching, here comes another start-up, YupServe from YupServe Services Private Limited, which also promises to stand firm in the super app world. YupServe was inaugurated on 15th August 2019 by the Member of Parliament, honourable Aparajita Sarangi. YupServe was again felicitated at a sports event by honourable MLA Ananta Narayan Jena and state secretary Santosh Kumar Jena. They have always been very active and kind in sharing their knowledge in the startup ecosystem.  Well, YupServe, as mentioned in their website and different social media, is more of a helpful app than a super one.

The website and app offer products and services with a multi-category shopping experience. The company offers cashback, vouchers & discounts on every purchase, and customers can redeem across any category. The company explains why anyone should wait from one app to another to save if their needs don’t.  YupServe, as described, is an eCommerce on demand, multi-category shopping platform. It has already started its delivery in under 99 minutes, under its e-commerce on-demand vision in selected areas only. The cross-platform categories include medicines, groceries, fashion, house & kitchen items, housekeeping to professional services, hardware, handicrafts, learning etc. The platform is also planning to connect to banking services, booking & reservation services in future.

Apart from b2c, yupserve is involved in the b2b model of dropshipping. It has got a saas model under its mission of “Let’s create entrepreneurship” under its subscription model and white label branding. It has got almost 25000 sku’s. B2b main focus is to distribute medicines, surgical products and otc products at maximum discounts through dropship health partners across the community. Its vision is to create micro-entrepreneurs on progress through a partnership motto.

YupServe is both a subscription and user base model.

YupServe, is a registered trademark ownership, has been recognised and supported under Starup India, Startup Odisha and is registered under MSME, Fssai. YupServe has also obtained mandatory drug license to market and sell throughout. On the investment side, they have been funded by angel investors and are supported under various schemes under start-up recognition by state and central government.  After achieving product-market fit they are looking to scale it up in future and raise more funds to put in technology, to built more warehouses and outlets in order to fulfil the demands of its customers in the $100 Billion market growing to $400 Billion by 2030. Ecommerce market in India is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 19% during 2022-2030.

The founder’s pitch…

Hii, my name is Dibya Jyoti Mohanty and I’m here to solve a common purpose of on demand ecommerce where in we are getting ready to supply all ecommerce items from pharmacy, fashions, household items, services to groceries in quick time and has a belief to create micro entrepreneurship programs where employments can be generated through our b2b model.

After completion of engineering and masters i was appointed at Icici bank, but due to that “kida” i left it after a year and since then am involved in the business. I have got almost 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship now and have always dreamt of doing big and am always trying for it.

After so much research and analysis, we found that it is now high time for us to develop a platform that has the capacity to solve and deliver multi-category products all across and that to quick time.  I have literally faced situations where i tend to forgot app names and unable to search the app from mobile of different platforms and categories while in hurry.

So then we came up with this wonderful multi category ecommerce on demand platform “YupServe”.  We promise we will continue to strive and enhance this platform with desired results.

Company Overview:

Company: YupServe Services Private Limited

Sector: eCommerce on demand

Based in: Bhubaneswar

Founders & Co founders : Dibya Jyoti Mohanty & P. Priyadarsini

Website :

Android App :

iOS App :

Email :

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