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April 28: Leadership is not just about leading an organization; it is spearheading the entire team with confidence and empathy. It is about leading by example and striving for the best foot ahead in the best possible way and striving hard to attain excellence for the team. It involves the process of stepping up, having courage, & doing things that one may never think they will be able to do. It’s also about flexing out of the comfort zone and taking tough decisions toward achieving the organization’s goals.

Two years ago, Shadman Ullah started his journey with Momo Nation Cafe with a vision of expanding the rapidly growing Fast Food Franchise chain with a focus on serving the best quality food at an affordable price. Starting in Delhi, currently, it has over 75 outlets across Haryana, Maharashtra, U.P, Bihar, Rajasthan, J&K, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat and there are many more outlets to come nationwide as Shadman further plans to take Momo Nation Cafe to every nook & corner of this multi-cultural, highly diverse & inclusive nation.

Today under the guidance of Shadman, Momo nation cafe (MNC) serves exotic recipes from their family kitchen and gets them timely refined by acclaimed Chefs. They are profoundly known as one of the top leagues in serving mouth-watering cuisine by blending skills, efficiency, and dedication to taste and quality. Their signature dishes are both tasty and pocket friendly. The blend of spices in MNC has brought a new flavour dimension to their dishes which were only a legacy of 5 Star restaurants until some time ago. Their specialty lies in serving over Fifty varieties of Veg and Non-Veg Momos, Chinese Food, Tandoori Chaaps, Dry Snacks, Burgers, and much more. Their outlets are designed in a way to create a cozy environment to deliver the best experience to our customers. MNC aims to become a one-stop destination for all Momo Lovers. They have been successful in changing the perception of Customers about traditional Momos- All with different tastes, to satisfy all taste buds! They believe in using the highest quality raw materials which are personally sourced by our experienced purchase team. At MNC they expect themselves to do ethically inclined business to set up an example not only for themselves but also for others.

Coming from a diverse background spanning almost 14 years, Shadman has worked across various industries in domains like Research, Corporate Sales, Enterprise Sales, Strategy, and Business Head and is currently a CEO & Partner. His immense passion and hard work towards building Momo Nation café into a national brand have enabled him to win the extremely prestigious award for Best Emerging CEO of the Year – 2022, QSR Franchise Category which makes him one of the top 500 C- Suite Awardees across the nation. His thorough professional and positive outlook has been highly acknowledged by the clients. Shadman is quick to understand and appreciate the needs of his clients and can propose customized and intelligent solutions with agility. He stands out for his knowledge of different industries and market trends. He makes the effort to know his clients personally and regularly takes time out to speak with them & take feedback on the quality of service. He is deeply respected for his result-oriented approach, honesty, and flexibility whilst keeping in view deliverables.

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