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(L to R) President Elect of SGCCI, Himanshu Bodawala, Textile Commissioner, Roop Rashi, and SGCCI President, Ashish Gujarati

Surat (Gujarat) [India], April 26: “Textile industrialists will have to acquire fabric patents and venture into value addition to make ‘Brand Surat,’” said Roop Rashi, the Government of India’s textile commissioner, at the launch of the ‘Textile Week,’ organised by the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (SGCCI) Global Fabric Resource and Research Centre (GFRRC) here on Monday.

Textile Commissioner, Roop Rashi inaugurated the ‘Textile Week’ in the presence of Usha Paul, deputy director-general, Ministry of Textiles, Additional Textile Commissioner, SP Verma, and chairman of the Federation of Indian Art Silk Weaving Industry (FIASWI) Bharat Gandhi at Samruddhi in Surat’s Nanpura area on Monday.

In his presentation, SGCCI president, Ashish Gujarat said, “At present, the government has approved a single Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP). Under the Integrated Power Development Scheme (IPDS), we demand another seven CETPs to be approved for the Surat region. We also demand a reduction in the import duty on the capital goods. There is an urgent need to resolve the issue of BIS Certification of KRM regarding the polyester yarn.”

“Surat’s textile sector produces high-quality fabrics in a variety of qualities,” said Roop Rashi, India’s textile commissioner. Thus, I encourage textile companies to patent their products and pursue value addition to establish Surat as a brand. Efforts will be made to suit the textile industry’s requirements.”

Rashi urged manufacturers to maintain the trend, noting that Surat’s textile sector has reached new heights thanks to the experience of industry veterans and the dedication of the younger generation.

“Surat’s textile entrepreneurs will have to think creatively rather than defensively. The PLI and MITRA programmes have the potential to help textile entrepreneurs leapfrog Bangladesh and Vietnam. The market is going to be excellent, and everyone must proceed with vigour and zeal. Never sacrifice quality and enhance your engagement in cluster schemes,” Rashi said.

The Textile Ministry has proposed that the Finance Ministry continue the A-TUF scheme and fund allocation until the instructions for the Textile Technology Development Scheme (TTDS) scheme are issued, according to Rashi. In addition, the ministry has recommended to the Finance Ministry a 25-30% subsidy under the new TTDS programme. The SGCCI’s request for seven further CETPs will be given to the relevant ministry, and the SGCCI has been asked to provide information on the BIS certification of KRM on polyester yarn.

Deputy Director-General, Usha Paul said, “There is a need to concentrate on expanding the Indian market for export. Textile industrialists should enroll in the PIL and MITRA schemes to grab the market share from Bangladesh and Vietnam.”

AP Verma, Additional Textile Commissioner, guided the textile entrepreneurs on “Innovation in Textile Manufacturing”. “Even a tiny business owner may innovate,” Verma stated. “Innovation can be accomplished with any material or machinery that is accessible. Production will need to continue with the selection of specialised fibres and fabrics. Cost-cutting can be used in place of cost-saving only when the product is recyclable.”

Verma called on the textile entrepreneurs to move in the direction of manufacturing sportswear and medical textiles following a robust demand in the international market.

Bharat Gandhi, chairman of FIASWI and former president of SGCCI delivered his keynote address, Girdhargopal Mundra, chairman of GFRRC gave information regarding the textile week, and former president of SGCCI, Praful Shah conducted the entire programme. Former president of SGCCI, Mahendra Kajiwala also delivered his keynote address.

Himanshu Bodawala, President-Elect of SGCCI gave the vote of thanks.

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