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Sanyog and kapil

April 25: Blue Nectar is a journey of discovery and innovation of two enthusiastic IIT-IIM graduate duo. They loved traditions. Yet they didn’t believe in blind faith. Their love for tradition and disregard for blind faith created a paradox that made Sanyog and Kapil embark on a journey that resulted in the creation of Blue Nectar in 2017.

Troubled with Weight Problem, a common issue of the millenniums, Kapil had visited Panchakarma centre in Chennai in 2008 when he was based there. To his shock, the Panchakarma centre asked him to drink one ltr of Ghee to detoxify as the first step to lose weight. The concept of drinking Ghee for detox was out of his thought realm, but that experience did create enough intrigue to explore more into Ayurvedic Sciences.

This experience offered a challenge to present something more palatable and acceptable to the younger millennials. This, along with the urge to make Ayurvedic practices more acceptable, led the two to leave their cushy MNC jobs. While Kapil had a decade of experience with GSK, Sanyog, a fellow believer in Ayurveda, had worked across continents with Cognizant technologies. Together they started their 1st Blue Terra Wellness Spa in 2010.

Blue Terra Wellness centre offered traditional Ayurvedic techniques like Nadi Vidya, Panchkarma to heal lifestyle disorders. While the guests benefitted from the various therapies, they preferred less greasy and nicer-smelling Ayurvedic oils. Initially, All Ayurvedic therapies were done on a hard wooden bed in Blue Terra centres. As winter approached in Gurgaon, customers started complaining of cold hard beds!

Not being one to disappoint customers, they started looking for ways to contemporize Ayurved. This led to Kapil and Sanyog working with Ayurvedic doctors and researching on Charak Samhita (Ayurveda traditional book) to formulate less greasy and aromatic Ayurvedic Oils. They also implemented other innovative ways to make hard wooden beds mildly soft and comfortable, contemporary Steam and Shower experience with state-of-the-art fittings etc.

This was the beginning of the concept of contemporary Ayurved – to make Ayurved more adaptable. Making Ayurved a science of choice and lifestyle, rather than being relied on at times of disease or pandemic, became the motto of Kapil and Sanyog.

The first set of products was made on customers’ special requests who could not regularly visit for therapies. As these customers had found the oils to be effective, they wanted to continue the application in the comfort of their homes.

Very soon, appreciation and recommendation started pouring for the oils, and demand started increasing. Customers started coming to the Spa via word of mouth, especially to purchase the oils and not the spa services. That is when the first avatar of Blue Nectar products formally started in the form of Oils and green tea.

What started with 4-5 products that were used in Blue Terra Spa – Pain Oils, Aromatic Massage Oils, Green Tea, Face creams in 2017 has extended to 80+ different products across four categories in the convenience of Jars and bottles that one can use with ease.

Blue Nectar originated with the firm belief that Nature holds all answers and cures, and our body has the best ability to heal and nourish itself.

Blue Nectar has reconceptualized the world of beauty and wellness, presenting plush, lovable, and effective products. Each product has been carefully crafted and designed to have natural hedonistic aromas, silky smooth textures and exquisite packing to transform you into a sensuous world of Luxury.

With the use of more than 150 quality herbs, we can proudly claim that Blue Nectar products have a High Herb Quotient. The Herb Quotient of a product helps to quickly identify the number of pure active herbs contained in a product and give an indication of its effectiveness.

To further add to this, products are free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and mineral oils. All ingredients on the packaging are displayed, helping a customer to make informed decisions.

The products have also undergone clinical testing to corroborate their effectiveness and are being shipped worldwide.

“Traditions are good. We need to revive and contemporize them”, says Kapil and Sanyog on their mission to make Ayurvedic practices a way of modern living.

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