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  • Inventys is a specialty chemical CSM company with expertise in complex chemistries for Actives and Advanced Intermediates used in Crop-Protection and Pharmaceutical applications.
  • Founded in 2005 by Dr Deepak Birewar, a talented scientist-engineer turned entrepreneur with previous stints at global corporations such as DuPont
  • Arpit Khandelwal, Managing Partner of Plutus Wealth Management LLP, commits INR 225 Crores (~ USD 30 million). Besides, India Inflection Opportunity Fund, managed by Pantomath Capital Management Pvt Ltd picks up secondary round
  • Pantomath Capital Advisors Private Limited acted as the sole Investment Banker to the transaction

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], April 23: Mumbai based, Inventys Research Company Pvt Ltd (“Inventys” / “the Company”) confirmed closure of private placement round of INR 255 Crores (USD 34 Mn). Mr. Arpit Khandelwal, Managing Partner of Plutus Wealth Management LLP, committed INR 225 Crores of primary infusion into the Company, while India Inflection Opportunity Fund, managed by Pantomath Capital Management Pvt Ltd, picks up the secondary round offered by certain existing shareholders of the Company. Pantomath Capital Advisors Private Limited acted as the sole investment banker to the transaction.

Inventys is a research driven specialty chemical manufacturer with focus on custom synthesis & manufacturing (CSM). The Company has diversified product portfolio comprising Advanced Intermediates & Actives used in Crop-Protection / Pharmaceutical applications as well as in other specialty segments. Inventys is a critical member of several global supply chains with a distinction of earning significant portion of revenue where Inventys is the ONLY manufacturer in the entire world for such chemicals. Practicing Responsible Behaviour towards the Mother Earth, the society we live in, and the team of Inventys – is a hallmark of Inventys culture of Safety, Reliability, and Dependability.

Inventys has built in-house capabilities for developing and manufacturing specialty chemicals requiring complex chemistries and materials, backed by 5 (five) state-of-the-art production blocks and R&D facilities located near Nagpur spread across 7 acres of land. The plants are fully backward integrated up to widely available intermediates, mitigating China dependency. The Company has acquired more than 17 acres of additional land which can house 30 additional production blocks.

Incorporated in 2005, Inventys was founded by Dr. Deepak Birewar, a highly talented and rich experienced scientist with previous stints at global corporations such a DuPont. A chemical engineer by profession, Dr. Deepak Birewar has 12 years of work experience if USA and 18 years in India. Dr. Deepak Birewar was listed in Marquis Who’s Who in Science & Engineering (1994). BTech from IIT Bombay, Dr Deepak Birewar holds PhD in Chemical Engg from Carnegie Mellon University, USA. Mr. Rushikesh Birewar joined Inventys in 2016 with focus on R&D and new products development initiatives at Inventys.  Mr. Rushikesh Birewar holds a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from University of Wisconsin (Madison), USA.  Inventys Board is manned by industry veterans, viz., Mr. Umesh Kamat, BTech+MTech from IIT Bombay – having over 28 years of experience in instrumentation, controls & automation systems, along with Mr. Satish Sohoni having over 40 years of experience in chemical industry.

Dr. Deepak Birewar, CMD of Inventys said on the occasion, “Inventys is committed to solving complex chemistries with made in India solutions for global markets. Research, innovation and transparent value-based working culture are the hallmark of Inventys. We aim to be a leading home-grown platform with world-class systems serving global markets. We welcome our investors and firmly believe that all stakeholders shall be proud of Inventys.”

“We are looking at organic as well as inorganic growth. We are in advance discussion with a couple of global industry houses for strategic tie up with Inventys. We are working on mega expansion plan and post our private placement round, we are looking at preponing our growth trajectory.”, added Dr. Deepak Birewar.

With Mr. Arpit Khandelwal coming aboard, Inventys would be exposed to global markets, backed by the desired financial acumen. Mr. Khandelwal has been investing and supporting businesses in India and across the globe and is known for his picks.

Speaking about his investments in Inventys, Mr. Arpit Khandelwal said, “Complex chemistries, especially in CSM space, with established criticalities in value chain of global industry players, are much sought after businesses world-wide. Such businesses possess extreme high barriers to trade and command premium in pricing as also valuation. We believe that Inventys is well-placed to leverage on their R&D and innovation capabilities coupled with superior engineering skills. We are excited to participate in long term growth journey of Inventys.”

Making its maiden investment, India Inflection Opportunity Fund picked-up the secondary round offered by certain existing shareholders of the Company.

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Madhu Lunawat, Fund Manager of India Inflection Opportunity Fund, “We were impressed by the depth, speed & execution capabilities of Inventys team. We are glad to participate in a company like Inventys, which is run by extremely professional and highly learned promoters with long-standing impeccable business relationships with global giants. Representing a true ‘made in India and make for the world’ solution for global markets, substituting imports and fostering exports, Inventys scores optimum in our Fund parameters of inflection opportunities making impact.”

Inventys caters to large global MNC innovator customers in Crop Protection / Pharmaceuticals sectors and possesses long term business relationship with global giants. Handling highly complex multi-step synthesis backed by world-class R&D and advanced flow chemistry process engineering, the Company presents extreme high entry and exit barriers to trade.

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