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New Delhi (India), April 15: Due to the controversies over Bark Ratings from the last few months, the news channels’ ratings are becoming a matter of interest for many people. Now everyone’s eyes are on the Bark Ratings which got released recently. Earlier, TV9 was at the top place in the Telugu media channels but now it lags far behind.

For the past 14 weeks, NTV has been continuing in the No. 1 position pushing TV9 down. In the past, NTV and other channels topped TV9, but this time NTV remained in No. 1 position for 14 consecutive weeks.

Also, according to the ratings, no other channel gained the nearby position of NTV in South India in terms of ratings. This is because of the programs that the NTV broadcasts. NTV always stays close to the people with breaking news, political analysis, movies and health programs. People who recognize NTV’s specialization in hosting special programs pay this rare respect to NTV. Currently, NTV tops the list with an average of 75.2 rating, followed by TV9 with 46.8 and V6 with 30 points.

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