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April 13: SPICA is the new hope in the field of modern workspace and customized furnishing. Their pick-up lines, including New Normal, Change is Constant, Keeping up with the world, Upgradation of Tech and Products, Evolution of Work Culture, Way forward, and Future Trends amongst many others, are the major priorities of the business run by SPICA. Their simple idea is to surpass the competition by constantly evolving in the office industry with the help of the latest and innovative technology incorporation of their customized furniture. They have been in business since 1995, celebrating 25 years of unique ideas by coping up with the constantly changing needs of their clients. They have evolved as a company with a diverse but unified approach towards the office furniture industry. Their reputation is a consistent inning termed by the constantly changing market.

They have flagship stores including Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Their approach is slow yet significant as their long-term aim is to introduce more technologically advanced products, which shall benefit the health of their loyal customer employees at large. Health is one of the most important aspects when working through long hours; SPICA’s next big plan is to consider the maximum benefit achieved through developed furnished workspaces. The demand for a unique and creative workspace is a priority for the major clients looking for diversity while working. The concept of new designs and advanced engineering of the products is a flowing goal for the organization. They even offer multiple solutions under one roof, keeping in mind the customer’s taste. SPICA collaborates with international brands to deliver the client requirements consistently.

SPICA has delivered collaborative workstations, executive cabin, and chairs amongst many other solutions under one roof. They have finished multiple projects in the past, including a few in 2016, like Sulekha in Chennai; Unisys in Bangalore. 2017 saw a few more, including Brightstar PVT LTD, Ford in Chennai; HDFC in Hyderabad. In 2018, they delivered Apiic in Vijayawada, Ascendas in Bangalore, and NCL in Hyderabad. Starting 2019 saw many projects, including One Plus in Hyderabad, Spring Board in Bangalore, Pune, Delhi, Bias Infotech and Flipkart in Bangalore, Verizon in Chennai, and finally, 2020 saw a significant hit delivered by the name of simply work in Hyderabad.

From dedicated team balance and timely delivery to Quality support through absolute client satisfaction is their ultimate goal. They started their business by introducing and manufacturing Chairs as the patent product. The company saw marginal growth in the first three years; however, it gave them a stable growth of 20 percent in three years in the field. Eventually, they started their direct marketing resulting in one-on-one interaction with the clients helping the clients with an appropriate value of quality. They pushed their manufacturing unit from a 2000 sq. ft. to 30,000 sq. Ft. over a decade, where they have been facilitating both quality & dispatch facilities and production & stores. They have segregated metal and wooden production, boosting manufacturing efficiency alongside internationally reputed machines such as HOMAG, Brandt, Altendroof, MAPS, and other German and Italian makes. This has made assembling easier, creating the workspace more interesting for the new modern India. Their efficient production and advanced detailing based on the customized client calls have ensured exclusive and affordable designs alongside a time-saving process. It is believed that SPICA claims to build signature pieces keeping in mind the comfort of the clients, ensuring durability.

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