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April 6:


Tiska Pageants is founded by Mr. Prashant Chaudhary and Ms. Swati Dixit. These Pageants have two brands under which it provides opportunities to married and unmarried woman to showcase their talent and to empower them to prove to the world their unmatched existence.


Our purpose is not just to find a winner but to show women that they all are winners; we aim to provide a platform where our women can come forward and turn their dreams into reality. The first-ever beauty pageants in India, where we are offering a once in a lifetime opportunities to our crowned winners to represent India Internationally. While contemporary beauty pageants around the world have major focus on showcasing idealized versions of a woman on a competitive stage and crowning the Winner with a prestigious Title, our aim is to bring their life experiences in front of the world to represent other issues in society to make the improvement in our next generation. Miss/Mrs. Tiska India and Mrs. India One in a Million pageants believes in helping to change the world of today’s women, here this competition doesn’t just focus on beauty, but it allows each and every woman with the opportunity to grow and enhance their personal image by making it advance to achieve their goals in future while acting as a role model in their own community.


Tiska Miss and Mrs. are the two categories. Moreover under Mrs. Category the participants will be further divided into 2 categories Platinum and Gold.

Mrs. India One in a Million is completely dedicated to married women and it has 3 of its categories, Platinum, Gold and Classic.


In order to host a successful event with all the safety measures, it takes a lot of hard work and compassion. To avoid any traveling and casualties due to present situations and to make our candidates safe and healthy, we do telephonic auditions so that candidates can appear for the auditions comfortably in their own home cities. After completing the auditions, the event will take place in Delhi for four days, where we will provide comprehensive training to our contestants, which will include personal grooming and social awareness, so that our participants can show their real beauty, talent and strength to the world and can set an example for the other woman.

After the huge success of both the National Pageants Tiska Miss& Mrs. Tiska India and Mrs. Indian One in a Million, Registration is now open for all the contestants where they will be auditioned virtually seeing their safety. Website –

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